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Donor Spotlight: Natalie Martin – University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Athletics

Donor Spotlight: Natalie Martin
Spouse: David Martin
Occupation: Co-Founder, Heed Public Relations
City of Residence: Chattanooga
Alma mater: The University of Chattanooga, 2009
Mocs Club Member Since: 2016

What made you decide to join the Mocs Club and support the endeavors of our student-athletes?
So when David and I started dating, he used to split a group of basketball seats with some friends. He took me to a few games, and I loved it — so much that the next year, I was bummed I didn’t get to throw in on the seats! From that next year on, we got our own seats and recently bought a couple more so we could bring family and friends to join us.

What is your favorite part of living in Chattanooga?
I’ve lived in Chattanooga my whole life — literally never left. But Chattanooga feels like a different city from the place I grew up. I’ve realized while traveling that my favorite places are the ones that remind me of home — friendly people, good food, beautiful scenery — and I feel lucky that we get to experience all those things here on the regular.

Tell us about Heed PR and how you reached your current point in your career?
David and I have both overlapping and complementary skills in the PR/communications world. We do some of the same things, but also enjoy different portions of our jobs. We recognized that a long time ago, and we always said “one day” we’d do our own thing. “One day” got expedited when David’s previous job moved to Colorado and we wanted to stay in Chattanooga. Our agency took off quickly, thanks to the personal and professional connections we’ve made during our many years in Chattanooga, and we haven’t looked back.

Share with us why you think it is important for other female leaders in the Chattanooga community to be involved with the Mocs Club?
My appreciation of the Mocs Club has definitely grown over the years. I am historically not a huge sports fan (I know, I know!), but I was hooked after my first UTC basketball game with David.

UTC Athletics offers so much — opportunities for families and friends to gather, opportunities for students to achieve big wins, opportunities for local businesses to build meaningful connections with the university (looking at you, Text Request — yes, that’s a shameless plug for a client who recently announced their new partnership with Mocs Sports Properties).

That takes all of us — not just your typical “sports fan” — to rally together. At the end of the day, it’s about supporting your community as a whole.

Favorite Chattanooga Athletics memory?
Well, I would say the 2016 SoCon tournament in Asheville — but that Furman game on Saturday was truly outrageous in the best way.

Favorite Chattanooga Moc of all time, player, coach, or administrator?
Favorite of all time is David Martin, former Chattanooga Mocs cheerleader! Unfortunately, we did not overlap in school and there is very little historical record of this experience. Favorite current player is AJ Caldwell.

What hobbies or activities do you enjoy besides rooting for the Mocs?
I love to cook and a good spring or fall hike with our favorite pup, Junior.

If you could give a student-athlete one piece of advice, what would it be?
I feel ill-equipped to give athletes advice because I’m definitely not one! But if I was giving any student advice, it’d just be to stay consistent. Consistency is the difference-maker for almost everything in life.

Favorite place to eat in Chattanooga?
That is so hard! We have so much great food in this town. But old faithful for me is La Altena on Main Street. We also recently tried Super Pho and Grill, and it was hands down the best pho I have had in Chattanooga. Will be in our regular rotation for sure.

Final thoughts?

About the Mocs Club:

The Mocs Club is the annual fundraising arm for the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Athletic Department. Support from each Mocs Club member benefits over 300 Moc student-athletes. The financial support generated by the Mocs Club works to alleviate the cost of student-athlete scholarships as well as providing a positive impact on our student-athletes in the classroom, on the field of play and beyond.

Mocs Club Mission:
Generate resources to support the academic and athletic success of all UTC student-athletes.

Not a Mocs Club Member and Interested in Joining?
Contact the Mocs Club at mocsclub@utc.edu or by calling (423) 425-4233. You may also join by clicking the link below.

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