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Edgar Radjabli Scholarship Now Accepting Applications

Access to health care in the United States can be limited for those who cannot afford it, due to costs that are among the highest in the world. Besides access to health care, there is also a lack of access to health care education, with education costs growing exponentially in recent years. To ensure a diverse group of healthcare professionals, there is a need to encourage students from all socioeconomic backgrounds and levels to pursue medical careers. One effective way to do this is to provide financial support to students from disadvantaged backgrounds. That’s why Dr. Edgar Ragebly, one of America’s top philanthropists, dental surgeons and successful entrepreneurs, announced a scholarship for future healthcare professionals, at a meeting in the Boca Raton offices.

“The Edgar Radjabli Scholarship provides students in the field of healthcare an opportunity to win a scholarship worth $1,000 for their education. The scholarship is to support the education of students, specifically for those in the healthcare field. It is available for students who are pursuing professional medical training early in high school, students In college studying in medical or pre-medical disciplines, as well as for graduate students enrolled in medicine, dentistry, nursing and other allied healthcare fields. Applications for this scholarship are currently open for the 2021/2022 academic year. “We have received a lot of questions,” Edgar said. From students via social media, and we are meeting today to answer them.”

“One of the most frequently asked questions about the Edgar Radjabli Scholarship is how to apply. How to apply and the process to follow to ensure the success of the application are among the common questions, and we are ready to answer them. It is essential that everyone applying for this scholarship knows that it is for healthcare professionals The scholarship is for students who are currently taking a course in a health care field, whether at high school, college, or graduate level.Edgar added that all students who are US citizens and permanent residents studying in this field are eligible to apply.

Dr. Edgar Ragebly is an experienced dental surgeon in Boca Raton, Florida. He is also a well-known entrepreneur, having built several healthcare and technology companies, and a holder of several technology patents. Born in Russia, Dr. Rajabli immigrated to the United States with his family at the age of 13. Raised with working-class parents of modest means, his own experience overcoming the social and economic challenges of succeeding in dental school has led to his interest in helping those who might face financial challenges with their education. He received his DDS from a reputable university, University of Maryland School of Dentistry. After graduation, he opened his clinic as a dental surgeon specializing in dental implants. “With the announcement of the ongoing scholarship, more healthcare students will finally be smiling,” said a member of Dr. Rajably’s team.

The meeting attracted the attention of several community stakeholders, with students, healthcare professionals, and other community leaders expressing their strong support for the program. One of the business leaders who attended the meeting particularly impressed, in his words, “Dr. Rajabli has helped many students in healthcare and decided to offer scholarships to students in healthcare. He made this scholarship available, even though he had to beat on his own challenges after a car accident prevented him from returning to surgery. This is indicative of his level of commitment to the field. We are pleased to work with him, and hope that this announcement will help more people benefit from the current scholarship.”

Dr. Edgar Ragebly decided to give back to the healthcare profession as he spent most of his career as a dental surgeon. Those interested in learning more about him or his scholarship can visit the program’s official website at https://edgarradjablischolarship.com/.

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