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Eight students caught vaping on Oregon school grounds – Shaw Local

Oregon — Eight Oregon students were caught vaping on school grounds between Feb. 17-23.

“We’ve been seeing an issue with vaping devices,” Oregon School Resource Officer Matt Kalnins said. “It’s not necessarily tobacco. I’ve been finding kids anywhere from 10 to high school [vaping].

“They bring them to school, they keep them with them, they’re constantly using them,” he said. “It’s a huge issue with nicotine with them.”

“Just the addiction level that these things have. There’s got to be more knowledge and info out there.”

Oregon School Resource Officer Matt Kalnins

Of the eight students, one was 10 years old, another 11, four were 12, one was 14 and one 18.

Kalnins said, when these situations happen, he issues city citations — often carrying a penalty of a fine. It’s not an arrestable offense, and it’s not something that goes on a legal record, he said.

The school usually contacts the parents at that point, and there can be additional consequences the student faces from the school, Kalnins said.

The high school has installed vape detectors, which work similarly to smoke detectors, he said. The devices can detect vaping, smoke and THC — tetrahydrocannabinol, the chemical in marijuana that causes most of the drug’s psychological effects.

“They either know somebody who could get them [the vape pens] for them or they’re taking them from their parents,” Kalnins said when asked where the children could be getting the vape pens. “I believe they know somebody that is getting it for them.”

It’s a big issue with teenagers and children, he said.

“Just the addiction level that these things have. There’s got to be more knowledge and info out there,” Kalnins said.


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