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EIU Gifted For Alberta And Raymond Zuber Future Teachers Scholarship; Inaugural Recipients Named

Charleston, Illinois – (Evingham Radio) – The Zuber family has a long history and strong family heritage with a rural education in this region. Zuber’s siblings Jodi, Mary and Alan and Alan’s wife Andrea have an equally rich history with Eastern Illinois University. This relationship has created a new scholarship opportunity for EIU students and is a gesture of appreciation to parents of Zubers for instilling in them a lifelong love of education and learning.

These four combined their resources with a gift of more than $150,000 to create the Alberta and Raymond Zuber Future Educators Scholarship – a scholarship award named after the siblings’ parents with the goal of assisting current EIU students and future rural teachers in their educational endeavors. In establishing the scholarship, the Zuber siblings hope that their parents’ hard work and determination will complement their commitment to teaching in rural communities, citing the importance of good teachers in a rural setting.

“Mom and Dad have accomplished a lot in their lives, while only getting 8NS-First-class education,” Alan shared. “They both focus heavily on continuous learning: reading, playing Scrabble, and doing crossword puzzles their whole lives.”

Judy, Mary, and Alan are all retired elementary and middle school teachers who grew up in a small rural Illinois town in Richland County near Olney called Claremont. Andrea’s background also includes helping children in a career of over 20 years with the Department of Children and Family Services. Their backgrounds prompted the Zubers to spend most of their adult lives as advocates for rural teachers. Alan says they are happy to support EIU students and rural teachers because it is “an area so close to our hearts.”

The oldest of the siblings, Judy graduated from Eastern School with a bachelor’s degree in 1965. She was one of the first women in her community in Stringtown to attend and graduate from college. Judy then continued her education and obtained her master’s degree from EIU in 1969. She spent her career teaching mathematics in Jasper County.

In order to inspire her younger siblings, Zuber’s other children soon followed in Judy’s footsteps. Mary became the second in the family to attend college, earning her bachelor’s degree in 1970. She joined Judy as a teacher at Jasper County and earned her master’s degree in 1974.

Alan also attended EIU, receiving his bachelor’s degree in 1978 and his master’s degree in 1983. He taught social studies at North Clay and Shiloh and served as principal of Crestwood School in Paris. His love for EIU has led him to serve as a board member of the EIU Alumni Association since 2014.

After such promising and rewarding careers in education, the siblings have always known that they want to give back in some way. In the end, they decided that a scholarship was the best way to achieve this goal. When Mary was asked why, “Education has just given us so much…great jobs in the professions we believe in…and in the small rural communities we love.”

The inaugural Alberta and Raymond Zuber Future Teacher Scholarship recipients are Kia Hartmann and Delaney Schryuk. Hartmann is a senior in primary education and attended Flora High School. She is currently a student studying 3research and development Class and hopes for teaching 2second abbreviation or 5NS class one day. Hartmann says she enjoys interacting with all of the students and was “overwhelmed” by receiving the inaugural scholarship.

Another 2021 recipient, Shryock, is a major in Junior Elementary Education who graduated from Richland County High School and will begin teaching students next year. Shryuk expressed her gratitude to the Zobbers by thanking them “for their faith in teachers and the local community.”

Students who are eligible for the Alberta Raymond Zuber Future Educators Scholarship, including those who intend to transfer to EIU from a local community college, must meet the following criteria and can apply for the award on the university’s website:

  • Must be a primary education or middle-level major of education intending to teach
  • It must be a beginner or a senior to advance
  • You must have a GPA of 3.25 or higher at the time of selection
  • An essay must be submitted explaining how they will benefit from the award and indicating whether they have worked to pay for college expenses.
  • It must be from Clay, Edgar, Evingham, Jasper, Lawrence or Richland counties, while priority will be given to Clay, Edgar, Jasper or Richland counties.

All in all, the Zuber family feels very fortunate to be able to offer a scholarship in their parents’ names to deserving students. Through their teaching careers, they are well aware that student teachers need money for travel, food, and clothing, in addition to other daily college expenses.

In a recent interview about the scholarship opportunity provided by their family, they shared that they are all looking forward to helping various education students who come from the same provinces in which they previously worked as teachers.

For more information on establishing a scholarship for EIU students, please contact the university’s application office at (217) 581-3313. To learn more about EIU and its growing range of programs and services, visit the university’s website at www.eiu.edu, or call the Information Office at (217) 581-7400.

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