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Elementary Students Protest for Chocolate Milk on Their Lunch Menu

Will & Deni McIntyre/Corbis Documentary/Getty Images

Protests have been conductors for change for hundreds of years. Sometimes you’ve just got to roll your sleeves up, get on out there, and stand up for what’s right, especially when chocolate milk is involved.

As reported by ABC 7 Los Angeles, one fourth grade class at the Sierra Vista K-8 school walked out on classes in response to chocolate milk being pulled from the school’s lunch menu.

Footage from an ABC 7 Instagram post shows kids from the Vacaville, California school walking outside with handwritten signs, chanting ”What do we want? Chocolate milk! When do we want it? Now!”

Apparently the chocolate beverage was pulled from the school’s menu due to it having too much sugar. Luckily, students and administrators were able to come to a compromise. Chocolate milk will return to the school’s menu every other week for one day.

The local station reports that teachers viewed the protest as a good way to teach the students how to form an argument and stand up for what they believe in, even if it’s only chocolate milk.

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