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EMU rower Synene Maria Abukaram wins $100K Dr. Pepper tuition scholarship

Not only did the University of Michigan dominate Iowa 42-3 in the Big Ten, but Eastern Michigan University sophomore Synene Maria Abukaram won $100,000 in scholarships at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis on December 4.

Abu Karam participated in a half-time competition sponsored by Dr. Pepper where participants have to throw as many soccer balls as possible into the target within 30 seconds. Abu Karam won the competition by scoring 14 goals. I went up against two other students, one from Harvard University and the other from Saint Joseph’s University.

It seemed that Abu Karam’s winning strategy was to throw the ball to the chest in a pass towards the goal. This pass method is more effective when shooting at a target rather than a one-handed throw, according to officials.

In order to be entered into the Dr.Pepper Scholarship, entrants had to submit a video about why they had been chosen to participate in the competition. In the Abu Karam video that she filmed on TikTok, she explained that she is the eldest of five siblings and specializes in athletic training. She aspires to become an athletic coach for the Indianapolis Colts because that is her favorite team and her father’s in the NFL.

Abukoram is also a member of the EMU women’s rowing team. Coxswain is the captain of the racing boat, and he also tells the rowers the different commands they need to complete when paddling the boat.

“I come from a very long line of really strong women,” Abu Karam said in her video.

Then she went on to explain all the successful women in her life. Her grandmother didn’t become a doctor until she was 50. Seto Abu Karam came from abroad to become a consultant. Her Abu Elita supported the young wives of the deployed American soldiers. She also mentioned that her mother runs a half marathon in her spare time and works for an interesting technology company.

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