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Engineering student shows off leadership skills in extracurriculars

Julia Dixon is a part of four organizations.

DeKALB — Each week on the huskiesofniu Instagram account, Northern Illinois University asks a student to host the Instagram page following a week in their life. During the week of Feb. 7, junior Julia Dixon from Harvey, Illinois, hosted the page.

Dixon had planned to study engineering during her college years but didn’t join Northern Illinois’ program until 2020 when she transferred from South Suburban College.

“I had some friends that also went here, so I felt comfortable coming here and it had engineering and National Society of Black Engineers,” Dixon said.

Since 2020, she has immersed herself in the school’s extracurriculars, racking up her resume. She is the vice president of the National Society of Black Engineers, member of the Society of Women Engineers, member and recording secretary of “Zealous” Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta and Ambassador of Center for Black Studies.

“For the National Society of Black Engineers, I oversee two zones: membership zone and program zone,” Dixon said. “I basically manage how the board functions and make sure we do everything. We can support the minority students and all engineering (students) in professional development.

Those who know Dixon through those extracurriculars couldn’t say anything bad about her, describing her as organized, positive and interactive with people she meets.

“She has a phenomenal personality, she’s a breath of fresh air and always willing to help people out and be a support system,” said UnD’re Wilson, president of the Society of Black Engineers.

Dixon’s personality stands out in more than just one organization, showing that her skill set has become noticeable within the Engineering world.

“I call her mom sometimes. Her organization skills are impeccable and so is her memory! She is just really on top of everything in our clubs,” said Nyera Hayes, a member of the Society of Black Engineers and Society of Women Engineers.

Besides immersing herself in the engineering world at NIU, Dixon is also a part of the “Zealous” Delta Sigma Theta Chapter. It is one of the four historically African American chapters here and currently holds 11 members. She likes having the connection with other girls and finding out what makes them unique and getting closer with the sisterhood.

“It’s different than I thought it would be,” Dixon said. “I thought it would be like what it shows in TV, but it’s much better in reality.”

Outside of NIU, Dixon also makes desserts for a hobby. In 2016 when she first went to community college, she had more free time than expected, so she wanted to do something with that free time.

Dixon created an Instagram page called Dixon’s Decadence to boost her business. Dixon ended up collaborating with her dad who also has a cake business.

“I wanted something that I could do freely and not have so much pressure or something I could just enjoy doing and having a passion for it,” Dixon said.

After graduating from NIU, Dixon wants to give back to the College of Engineering and National Society of Black Engineers chapter, believing they are the ones who helped her get where she is today.

“My involvement here helped me get out of my shell,” Dixon said. “I was quiet and reserved but being an engineer, I had to get out of that shell and network and advocate myself. So being involved in all these organizations made me do that.”

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