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Enrollment Open for Students Using Financial Aid and Scholarships for Self-Paced Online Courses

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U of A students who plan to use scholarships and/or financial aid funding to pay for their Spring 2022 online courses starting January 18, can submit applications now through December 19.

Find out how to apply for enrollment and explore financial aid and scholarship guidelines on our website or call 479-575-3647.

Colleges and schools at the university offer college credits through these self-paced online courses. These courses are offered by the U of A Global Campus.

A student must be enrolled in at least three undergraduate credit hours that are not self-paced online courses before they can enroll in up to three credit hours of online coursework using scholarships and financial aid funds. Students enrolled in six credit hours that are not self-paced online courses may take up to six hours of online coursework using scholarships and financial aid funds. Submitting an application to enroll in a self-enrolling course does not guarantee successful completion of the requested course.

Self-paced courses offer the most flexibility of any college credit course, while meeting the same academic standards as live or traditional online courses. Self-paced courses allow students to set their own pace of learning, rather than following structured learning environments led by faculty or teachers. Students should consult with an academic advisor regarding course selection to ensure courses are counted toward degree requirements.

Students should be aware that self-paced courses require a high degree of self-discipline and most require proctored online exams. Courses are approximately 12 weeks in length and must be assigned a final grade of A, B, C, D or F, which will appear in their U of A transcripts.

For detailed information, read the policy document for self-paced online courses.

The global campus also supports colleges and schools in developing and delivering distance education offerings, including degree programs that are available entirely or primarily online. The global campus provides instructional design services, technical services, access to national distance learning institutions, marketing assistance and strategic academic development.

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