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ESCD website adds easy links to school facts | Government and Politics

ADELLA HARDING Elko Daily Correspondent

ELKO – Transparency is reaching another level for the Elko County School District with the availability of facts, figures, budgets, school enrollment, demographics and more in a new section on the district’s website.

The addition is nearly completed and went live last week.

“I’m a kid in a candy shop. There is an incredible amount of data in there,” said Trustee Matt McCarty. “It’s such a benefit to the community. I cannot rave enough about this.”

“It’s nice to have one-stop shopping,” said Trustee Susan Neal. “It’s much more convenient.”

The district’s chief financial officer, Julie Davis, told trustees on March 22 that the site includes a document portal allowing a look at budgets and audits going back to 2010, and an employee page showing numbers of staff and details. There is even a link to supplies and their costs.

There is a demographics link so people can look up class sizes, scores and the Nevada Department of Education budget including how much state money goes to Elko County. For instance, the state data for the 2020-2021 school year shows that Elko County received $11,529 in per pupil expenditures, the county has 34 schools, and there were 606 teachers last year.

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There also is a link for people to request public documents.

“There is a student breakdown by grade level back to 2017 and by school,” said Davis, who also reported that once the checkbook module is online, spending details will probably be updated monthly.

“It’s a huge, huge job,” trustee Jeff Durham said of the project.

Davis said the district site is what Elko County uses but had to be tailored toward schools. Those looking to check it out can go to the block on the district’s main page and click on Financial Transparency Center. That takes users to the Elko County School District’s transparency page.


Enrollments also will be on the new site. School trustees on March 22 received a quarterly enrollment report showing 9,992 students enrolled in the school district as of March 21, 2022, up 294 from the 9,668 students enrolled at the same time last year.

The new figures show that there are 1,256 students at Elko High School as of March 21, 2022, compared with 1,224 students on March 22, 2021; and 835 students at Spring Creek High School, up 77 from the same time last year. West Wendover High School has 312 students, up from 306 last year, and Wells High School has 103 students, up from 98.

Carlin High School has 80 students, up 13 from 67 students in March 2021, and Jackpot High School has 42 students, up from 37 last year, while Owyhee High School has 95 students, up two from last year.

The Northeastern Nevada Virtual Academy lost 251 students, however, with 241 enrolled as of March of this year, compared with 492 during March 2021, when the COVID-19 pandemic was in full swing. Adult education also was down, at 47, compared with 104 last year.

The figures also show that there are 657 students at Flagview Intermediate School, up 32 from last year; and the Adobe Middle School has 745 students, up from 732 in March 2021. Spring Creek Middle School has 712 students, up 67 from 758 last year.

Carlin Junior High has 54 students, up from 48, and the Jackpot Junior High has 20 students, down from 27. Owyhee Junior High has 43 students, down one from March 2021, and West Wendover Middle school has 222 students, up 66 from last year, while Wells Junior High has 44 students, down 8 from last year.

Looking at the elementary schools, Carlin Elementary School has 180 students, up from 167 on March 22, 2021; Grammar School 2 has 299 children, up 55 from last year; Independence Valley Elementary School has 8 pupils, down from 12 last year; Jackpot Elementary School has 62 children, up from 58; and Liberty Peak Elementary School has 609, up 89 from last March.

Montello Elementary School has 14, up from zero last year, and Mound Valley has 9, down from 14 the year before, while Mountain View Elementary has 605 pupils, up from 597 in March 2021, and Northside Elementary has 386, up 59 from last year, while Owyhee Elementary School has 175 children, up from 172 last year.

Ruby Valley has 23 pupils, up from 18, Sage Elementary has 401, up from 377 last year, and Southside Elementary has 626 pupils, up from 562 in March 2021, while Spring Creek Elementary has 387 children, up 85 from 302 last year. Wells Elementary has 181 children, up from 175, and West Wendover Elementary has 442 pupils, down 40 from 482 last year.

There are also 21 students at the Battle Born Youth Challenge Academy that is in its first full year, 13 at the conservation camp, down from 19, and 13 in Early Childhood, down 101 from last March. The early childhood students are now counted in zoned school enrollment.

School calendars

School trustees also approved a calendar for the next school year at Battle Born, which is operated by the Nevada National Guard but the educational staff is provided by the school district. The calendar is different, with school starting Aug. 1, a long break from Dec. 14 to Jan. 30 and the last day of school on June 14.

In addition, the school board approved a four-day class schedule that requires state approval for Carlin, Tuscarora, Jackpot, Montello, Jiggs, Ruby Valley, Wells and West Wendover, with school beginning Aug. 29 and ending June 8. The schedule meets the state hours requirements.


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