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Facility Referendum – Fenton Community High School

Infrastructure in classroomsWe can create an even safer and more secure environment in our school building Through updated security systems, door and window monitoring, electronic door locks, and a storm shelter. We will also be able to better maintain our schools by addressing life safety and infrastructure needs such as mechanical systems, air flow, plumbing bathrooms, electrical, emergency power, networking & cabling, corridors, asbestos abatement, sprinkler drainage, stormwater management, and ADA compliance.

We will improve our programming and career learning spaces so each and every student continues to have the opportunity to succeed in anything they choose. We’ll provide increased opportunities for students through optimized and dedicated spaces for STEM, applied tech, culinary, construction, health sciences, bio med, special education, and life programming skills.

Science equipment and storage.

And we will be able to modernize and expand our classrooms. This will give us 21st century learning spaces with modern features to effectively implement current and future curriculum, facilitate collaboration, and allow for more individual and small group instruction. Additional and larger classrooms will provide more space for student collaboration, small group instruction, curriculum growth to include more engaging student activities, and student health and movement.

Culinary Classes use old home kitchenware.

Icebreaker facts about the 4th of July that only an “A” history student knows

Starting from the fact that the Declaration of Independence was not even signed...

NIU Today | How do you like ETRA’s Apples? iMacs find new home in Puerto Rico school

Guiding these next steps is a needs assessment conducted with teachers as well...


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