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Fayemi offers scholarship to student with nine distinctions in WASSCE

The Governor of Ekiti State, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, has offered a scholarship up to Class A level to Ikeoluwa Okunola, a student of Great Tomorrow Model College, Ado Ekiti, who has achieved an A1 in all nine subjects he sat on in the 2021 West African Examinations Board.

Fayemi, who assured the student that the state government would provide other necessary support that would allow Okunola to continue this feat in the future, promised, “Some of us will be watching you to ensure you continue to do well, congratulations.”

Welcoming the student after this feat, the governor, speaking in Ado Ekiti, said, “We are very proud of you and we believe this is just a starting point, this is the beginning of great things happening.

“If you have already decided what to do in terms of furthering your education, we don’t have much in Ekiti, but we know what we can do is to give you a scholarship for your university education and also give you anything to support the state is able to come out with.

“Some of the things we’ve done in the state are because we believe education is still the greatest antidote to poverty. It’s the way to ensure that the inequality gap in society is bridged, so when you have an education you can aspire to a better life instead of falling into the clutches of rot. That’s why Education for us is not only free, it is mandatory in Ekiti State.

“Even in private schools, we still make sure that we run a comprehensive common test that can enable you to get to the level that can make you compete with others out of state.”

The owner of Great Tomorrow Model College, Mr. Michael Owaraye, commended FAMI’s efforts in raising the standard of education through quality policies and programmes, and providing the necessary educational infrastructures and enabling environment for private schools to thrive in the state.

Among those present was the boy’s mother, Mrs. Bonmei Okunola; The Principal of the School, Mr. Payu Oluwkere, and the Commissioner for Education, Dr. Pembe Adiri.

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