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Finlandia announces ‘Early Bird’ scholarship for incoming students | News, Sports, Jobs

The University of Finland is awarding a new one-time $500 scholarship for Fall 2022 to students who submit their transcripts to admission in Finland by January 1, 2022. The Early Bird Scholarship is awarded to a student upon admission to the University.

“All prospective students applying for admission to the University of Finland are required to submit their transcripts; they cannot be formally admitted to FinnU without taking this step. Offering the $500 Early Bird Scholarship is as a way of motivating students to get their transcripts to us as soon as possible. It will really help speed up the admissions process,” Enrollment counselor Jason Dart said. “We have ‘revolving admissions’ here at FinnU, which means we are able to make student admission decisions once we have all their information, rather than waiting until late winter or early spring like many other universities have an admissions process.”

“Students who send their transcripts early will have two great benefits,” Dart continued. “First, they will get a $500 scholarship just to do something they had to do anyway. Second, they will know their admission status very quickly; it will help them make an informed decision right away, providing peace of mind in what can often be A stressful process for both the students and their families.”

For the best chance of maximizing your eligibility for student financial aid, Michigan.gov states that you must file your FAFSA as soon as possible, and no later than March 1 if you wish to be considered for state assistance. According to the Office of Federal Student Aid, students are also encouraged to submit their FAFSA on the earliest due date to have the best chance of receiving financial aid.

Sandra Tournquist, Director of Student Financial Services for Finland, explains what this means for the new Finn Early Bird scholarship and how students can also learn more.

“Although submitting your FAFSA is not a requirement for this scholarship, at Finlandia we encourage you to do so. This may give you federal and state assistance to help you with your education costs. Our staff is very knowledgeable about the process if you have any questions. You are welcome to reach out to us At what time “.

If a student plans to attend FinnU, the University of Finlandia must be listed on their FAFSA using the Federal School Code 002322. For a request for state aid to be considered in Finlandia, students must first list FinnU on their FAFSA form.

To learn more about Finland’s application or the financial aid process, visit finlandia.edu/apply or finlandia.edu/financialaid.

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