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Finnish Ministry of Interior Officially Proposes New Long-Term Visa for Third-Country Researchers & Students

The Finnish government has received a draft of amendments that intends to expand the use of long-stay visas, known as D visas.

According to the Finnish Ministry of Interior, with the proposed change, a D visa could be issued to researchers, students, certified employees, companies’ executives, and their family members, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

Accordingly, to the positive residence permit decision, the Finnish Immigration Service would issue the visa and, in this way, those who have obtained a residence permit will be able to travel to the country faster than they already do, as the waiting time would be reduced.

Moreover, this amendment would also benefit those residents of Finland who have had their residence cards lost, stolen, or expired.

Another amendment has been prepared in the draft legislation, which would make it possible for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to issue a temporary residence to youngsters under 20 years old, whose families serve a diplomatic use in Finland, instead of having to apply for an extension of their permit from the Finnish Immigration as soon as they turn 18.

The discussions regarding the draft will end on April 1, when the government’s proposal will be presented to the Finnish Parliament.

The Ministry of Interior announced it was working on a bill to issue D visas to students and researchers, following suit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which last year introduced a D visa for third-country nationals who are growth or start-up entrepreneurs or specialists in other fields, and families of these categories.

The Ministry of the Interior has launched a bill to extend the long-stay D visa to students, researchers and their families. The project is part of the government’s measures to promote education and work-based migration in the autumn budget debate,” the Ministry of Interior has announced in a press release issued on December 15.

In support of this initiative, the head of the Ministry, Krista Mikonnen, revealed that his government’s target is to increase the number of international students in the country while becoming more attractive for the foreign market of students.

The Scandinavian country earlier this year revealed that a total of 36,206 applications for a first residence permit were received by immigration authorities last year. The Finnish Immigration Service revealed that the top reasons for immigration included work, family, and studies, aligning with the country’s goal.

In addition, the number of applications for residence permits submitted in 2021 reached a record high, with a total of 36,206 applications, leaving 2020’s rates behind by 71 per cent (21,160).

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