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Posted on: Tuesday December 21, 2021 2:57 PM by mediarelations@usna.edu

Annapolis, Maryland – Five US Naval Academy officers recently received the Stamps Scholarship, a merit-based academic scholarship that helps students associated with study abroad, experiential learning opportunities, and undergraduate research internships.

The following Marines were awarded the Stamp Scholarship: Midshipman 3rd Class (second year) Mia Dhillon, 18, of Chicago; Navy Officer 3rd Class (second year) Adrien Richez, 20, of Atlanta; Navy Officer 3rd Class (student) Abigail Ward, 19, of Pasadena, Maryland; Navy Officer 3rd Class (Second Year) Jada Williams, 20, of Philadelphia; and Third Class Midshipman (student) Joshua Wilson, 21, from Miami.

Dillon is a major in applied physics with a concentration in chemistry and biology at the Naval Academy. She is currently working in collaboration with researchers at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington to model the temperature profile of a conical and rod-shaped carbon fiber. Dillon plans to pursue physics as a way to see the world in quantitative terms through which she can be creative in thought and paper.

Outside of the classroom, Dillon is a member of several Navy men’s faith organizations, the Medicine Club, the Gospel Choir, and the Navy’s women’s ice hockey team. She held several leadership positions, including representative of the Midshipmen Action Group (MAG) and battalion physics instructor.

Riches is an Aeronautical Engineering major at the Naval Academy. He conducts ongoing research under the supervision of Dr. Carl Battams of the Department of Heliophysics at the Naval Research Laboratory and Dr. Matthew Knight of the Department of Physics at the Naval Academy. His work aims to significantly improve the efficiency of optical data analysis from the LASCO instrument on the NASA/ESA SOHO satellite by perfecting the code used to automate the photometric process for images captured by the instrument’s vertebrae. Riches is also an engineer in the robotics repair program for satellites, where he is working on a proof of concept for operating robotic weapons aboard the International Space Station.

In his spare time, Ritchie is a member of the Navy’s heavyweight rowing team, chief of simulation operations for the Naval Academy’s Flight Training Squadron, and advanced ground instructor for the Naval Academy’s Supported Flight Program. He has a particular interest in contributing to the United States’ space exploration program, and hopes to one day help humanity’s journey to the stars.

Ward majored in Computer Science and a Chinese minor at the Naval Academy. Originally born in Guangzhou, China, Ward is interested in building a greater political and cultural understanding of Southeast Asia, particularly with regard to cybersecurity and natural language processing. She intends to use her Stamps Scholarship to build her cross-cultural competence and be an asset to the US government because she Focuses on the Indo-Pacific region and its challenges.

Ward has held several leadership positions, including design officer for the Naval Academy’s Chinese Culture Club, MAG representative, and media lead for the Midshipman Diversity’s diversity team. She is also a member of the Navy Women’s Rugby team.

Williams is a quantitative economist and researcher in the ACCEL program at the Naval Academy. She has an interest in foreign affairs, economics, and economic policy, and plans to pursue her postgraduate studies in counter-terrorism and homeland security or diplomacy and conflict studies. I recently traveled to Israel on a Language, Regional Experience and Culture Journey sponsored by the Naval Academy, where I studied Arabic at the University of Haifa. Williams is part of the 3rd Battalion’s Training Staff and a peer writing educator.

Wilson is an ocean engineering major with a Japanese high school student, and a researcher in the ACCEL program at the Naval Academy. He plans to use his interest in environmental ocean engineering to help create a more sustainable world. Prior to joining the Naval Academy, Wilson spent two years at Miami-Dade Honorary College where he participated in the Salzburg Global Citizens Symposium.

Wilson has held several leadership positions in the company, including operations corporal, LEAD corporal, and academic corporal, as well as Summer STEM squad leader. He is currently a historian for the Black Mediterranean Studies Club and Diversity Officer for the National Society of Black Engineers. Outside of academic and leadership responsibilities, Wilson is a member of the Naval Academy Jiujitsu team and earned a brown belt through the Marine Corps Martial Arts program.

In 2006, Penny and Roe Stamps established merit scholarship programs for undergraduate students at their university – Michigan and Georgia Tech. Since then, the Stamps Scholars community has grown into a nationwide network of forward-looking colleges and universities that partner with the Stamps Scholars Program to provide multi-year scholarships that help gifted and talented student leaders achieve their educational and life goals. The program has grown to include 37 colleges and universities with 2,389 current and alumni philatelists.

For more information about the Stamp Scholarship, please visit https://www.stampscholars.org.

For more information about the Naval Academy please visit www.usna.edu or our Facebook social networking site page.


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