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Florida must be selective with scholarship spots tight

Gainesville, Florida – Scholarship numbers are tight for Florida, with Gators approaching the annual scholarship limit of 85 men imposed by the NCAA.

Wednesday, senior safety see din He announced on his social media accounts that he will be returning to Florida next fall, taking advantage of the NCAA’s year of free eligibility for all players thanks to the COVID-19-affected 2020 campaign.

His return places Florida in the 80th of current scholarship players by Swamp247 count.

And while the NCAA passed legislation in October that eased restrictions on primary counters thanks to the huge impact the NCAA transfer portal has had on roster drain in recent years, the board has not raised the 85-man cap on total scholarships allowed.

In October, the Division I Board approved a one-year exemption from the annual signature limit and initial meter limits in football, allowing programs to substitute up to seven student-athletes for scholarships who left the program after the fall semester ended. The exemption applies to players who leave on or after the last day of the school’s fall semester or December 15, whichever comes first.

In Florida’s case, the last day of the fall semester exams was December 17, so up to seven players who left after December 15 can be refilled as a primary with a one-year exemption. This almost certainly wouldn’t be necessary or play a role for Gator given the current numbers. Florida announced only nine signings in the early signing period, so the 85-player hat is a much bigger hurdle to adding more players than the initial 25-player counter limit (and waiving up to seven additional gate refills) .

The scholarship is currently 80 players following the return of the Dean and the addition of the Louisiana transfer Camryn WhiteCurrently, Florida has only five scholarships remaining.

This number could expand or shrink as a handful of players announce their decisions for the 2022 season in the coming days; back corner Cair Elam He is said to be weighing a potential leap forward for the NFL ranks, while tackling an offensive Richard George can do the same. Meanwhile, the possibility of a windfall return from a senior in 2021 could also add to the current scholarship numbers. Includes seniors who haven’t already publicly announced a decision to step back Damon Pierce, receiver Jordan Bounce, tight end Kimor Gamble and the back Lydric Bronson And Amari Burnie.

Florida is still in play for many goals in both the transfer and enlistment portal, so the roster’s athletes will likely remain flexible in the coming months. The Gators will almost certainly have more drain on the roster after the spring ball, which will free up more points.

Either way, coach Billy Napier He should be selective with what he takes at this point. You can view the current scholarship scheme with the latest changes below. Click on the thumbnail to expand it.

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