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FLSC scholarships include vocational option

Parent Lynn Engin poses for a photo of her son, Connor Engin, top right, assembled on the porch with other recipients of the 2021 Fort Leavenworth Spouses Club, representatives of the FLSC, Combined Arms Center and Fort Leavenworth Commanding General James Rainey and FLSC Honorary President Tracy Rainey after a handover ceremony FLSC Scholarship on May 11, 2021, at No. 1 Scott Ave. Among the awardees were FLSC High School Seniors dependents William Ayers, Haley Engen and Elizabeth Finnigan and Community Scholarship recipient Paige Kincade; Continuing Undergraduate Students Elizabeth Burt and Connor Engin; Her husband, Valerie Krosinger, and Elizabeth Stone. Applications for scholarships for the FLSC 2022 program, in Senior High School, Continuing Undergraduate, Couples Education, and Professional Programs, are due by March 15, 2022. Photo by Prudence Siebert/Fort Leavenworth Lamp

By Charlotte Richter / General Writer

Fort Leavenworth Spouses Scholarship applications are now available on the club website through March 15 for scholarships in the regular categories of Senior High School, Continuing College, and Spouse Education, as well as the new Vocational School Program/Certificate IV Program category.

FLSC Scholarship Chair, Dr. Rachel Reed, said the scholarship committee felt strongly to include a category for those wishing to pursue opportunities outside the university and to create a scholarship offer that would include welding trade schools, welders, technicians, hygienists and other professional certifications.

“People who are pursuing these opportunities can also apply this year, so we are very excited to be introducing this fourth category,” Reed said. “The Professional Certificate and Professional Certificate category is not limited to age, experience, or education requirements associated with scholarship applications; the category is open to high school seniors and spouses.”

All scholarship categories require applicants to be affiliated with the FLSC.

Applications for the 2022 Fort Leavenworth Spouses’ Club Scholarships, in Senior High School, Continuing College Education, Couples Education, and Apprenticeship Programs, are due by March 15, 2022. FLSC Website

For all four categories, you must have a sponsor associated with the spouses club. For the Spouse Education category, the spouse will need to be a member of the FLSC in order to apply for the scholarship. A high school student will need to have a parent or guardian be a member in order to apply “.

Reed said that despite the category requirements, the FLSC offers one scholarship to a Leavenworth or Lansing High School senior that does not require affiliation with a spouses club.

As a full-time teacher, Reed said she encourages students to “create a broad network” and apply for opportunities even though the applicant may be reluctant to do so.

We want to support the spouses and children of our service members. Reed said they often give up on supporting their service members, so this is a way to get to know them and honor all of their hard work.

Applicants who submit a member package or have an FLSC-sponsored member must be by February 1 to be considered for the scholarship. Application packages must be mailed to the FLSC and postmarked by March 15.

Visit www.fortleavenworthspousesclub.org/community-assistance/scholarships/ for more information and to download the application.


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