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Former Vista College students, staff still have concerns months after closure

COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) – Questions still linger for former students and staff at Vista College after the unexpectedly for-profit school closed back in October. Months later it appears their former CEO is moving on.

At the former College Station campus the signs are still there and mail is starting to pile up.

“We’re still distraught. We still don’t have any answers to this day and a lot of us are pursuing other careers because we didn’t have any other opportunities,” said Alexis Cruz, a former student.

She only had a few days left in the Dental Assistant Program when they are closed.

“It took about three months for me to get that license and everything I had to pay for out of pocket even more,” she said.

She opted to drop out of a class action lawsuit as Vista College seeks bankruptcy protection.

“Both attorneys that were a part of the lawsuit, they were wanting to take 70% of the claims and for me it just didn’t seem beneficial,” Cruz said.

Former instructors Don and Yolanda Beavers are still trying to find new jobs. They’re frustrated Vista College’s CEO Jim Tolbert is still connected with higher education. He’s listed as a company leader with an organization called Healthcare Futures Group.

“It just popped up and it’s like you forgot about us and left us high and dry,” said Yolanda Beavers.

“Talk about a kick in the gut, not only did he declare bankruptcy and stiff a lot of people on vacation pay,” Don Beavers added.

Cruz had advice for fellow students struggling to move forward, saying there are resources in town to help.

“I actually got a lot of help from Workforce [Solutions]. In the end they helped me try to figure out my next steps,” Cruz said.

KBTX left messages for Vista College CEO Jim Tolbert but he hasn’t responded to our latest interview request. Other students we talked to Monday still have questions on whether they will have to pay their student loans or not.

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