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France Announces Scholarships for Kenyan Students: How to Apply 

The Eiffel Scholarship Program, a scholarship organized by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has Advertise scholarship opportunities For Kenyan postgraduate students to study in France.

In a statement I have seen Kenyans.co.ke The Eiffel Program for Excellence on Tuesday, 9 November, announced scholarships for Kenyans wishing to pursue masters and doctoral programmes.

The program organizers went on to state that the scholarships are intended to benefit students from non-French speaking countries.

The Eiffel Tower lit up in the colors of the French flag in Paris on November 16, 2015.


“The objectives of the program are to train future foreign decision-makers in private and public domains in priority areas of study, to attract applicants from developing countries to the level of French master’s programs and applicants from developing and industrialized countries to French doctoral programmes,” the statement read in part.

Among the opportunities available to pursue under the scholarship include courses in biology, health, mathematics, numeracy, science, engineering, history, law, political science, economics, and management.

Upon successful application, Kenyan students He will be eligible for a monthly stipend From Ksh 152,923 (1,181 €) for master’s program students and Ksh 220,157 (1,700 €) for doctoral students.

In addition, successful applicants will be eligible for fully funded air travel with other benefits such as receiving compensation for domestic travel in France.

The statement continued: “International air travel back and forth between the recipient’s home country and France. The award-winning student has one year from the end of the scholarship to take advantage of the return flight.”

However, the program organizers have stated that the programs will only be available to students who meet the recommended age group for the programs.

“Candidates for the Master’s component must be 25 years of age or younger at the time of the 2022 competition. Candidates for the Doctoral component must be 30 years or younger,” read the statement in part.

How to apply

Interested candidates are advised to submit their applications through the various higher education institutions in France. Institutions will in turn submit applications to the program jury.

Applicants are also advised to take advantage of the opportunity before Submitting orders It is coming to an end on January 7, 2022.

Upon checking, successful applicants will get their results through the Campus France website in the fourth week of April 2022. Interested candidates are also advised to visit the website for more information.

From left to right: Kenyatta University entrance, Moi University building and University of Nairobi towers

From left to right: Kenyatta University entrance, Moi University building and University of Nairobi towers.

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