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Free College? New York Raffling Off 50 Full Scholarships in Bid to Vaccinate Kids Ages 12 to 17 – NBC New York

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  • New York State is in the midst of a five-day trial program where people who get doses at specific locations will get a lottery ticket; Governor Andrew Cuomo said the prizes could be worth up to $5 million
  • The governor on Wednesday introduced a new program aimed at children ages 12-17; Those who are vaccinated in the next six weeks have a chance to win a four-year scholarship to any university in New York
  • New Jersey also introduced a set of incentives; The rule for indoor masks will be lifted for preventers on Friday and Governor Phil Murphy will present employers with options to assess workers’ vaccination status on June 4

Governor Andrew Cuomo is upping the ante as he galvanizes New York’s efforts to reach those with the lowest vaccination rates, adding an opportunity for free four-year scholarships to any SUNY or SUNY college in an effort to target people between the ages of 12 and 17.

Starting Thursday through July 7, the state will draw 50 full, room and board scholarships through a random drawing for New Yorkers ages 12 to 17 who get their first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, the only one available to them, in the next six weeks. In the announcement, Cuomo said the random drawing will take place every Wednesday and will include 10 four-year scholarships each week.

The governor noted that children of eligible age who have already received at least one dose can go to the state’s vaccine page and add them to the weekly drawing pool. Those interested can sign up here to be notified when each drawing begins.

Cuomo said the federal funds for COVID-19 relief and outreach will cover the costs of the stimulus program.

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It’s the latest attempt to devise more creative approaches to target people who are less inclined, less motivated, or simply less likely to get vaccinated. In New York, the 12-17 age group made up 5% of COVID tests conducted statewide over three days last week but 10% of positive cases, Cuomo said Wednesday.

At the same time, children aged 12 to 17, the last of whom are eligible for vaccination, have much lower dose rates than their older peers.

Cuomo said only 8.7% of New Yorkers ages 12 to 17 have been fully vaccinated compared to roughly 38% of the next age group — those ages 18 to 25 — which is a big difference.

“To better reach these populations and defeat COVID once and for all, we need to be creative in our efforts. We are offering all 12-17 year olds a life-changing opportunity – full scholarship, room and board at any public college or university in New York in exchange for vaccination.” “The sooner you receive the vaccination, the higher your chances of winning – it’s free, there are no appointments, and you also have a chance to win a full scholarship.”

More than 55% of New Yorkers age 18 and older are now fully vaccinated. Nearly 53% of that age group in the city has been immunized, and the five boroughs have administered more than 8 million total doses to date. However, the enthusiasm that highlighted the early days of the startup has waned.

Vaccination rates across New York state have been down over the past month and a half and have fallen by 47% in the past three weeks alone, hence the motivational thrust.

New York City will be launching weekly prizes for the first time — everything from lodging packages to concert tickets, Broadway shows and more — while the state is in the midst of a beta program testing how much interest could lead to a scratch of $5 million. . This program started on Monday and runs through Friday.

Anyone vaccinated at designated state-run locations, a lottery ticket is being sold for $20 by retailers across New York. Prizes range from $20 to $5 million as the governor looks to build on some of the success his Ohio group had when he launched a $1 million vaccine raffle incentive earlier this month.

The lotto program uses both Pfizer and the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine (those who get Pfizer get a scratch after their initial dose). Only residents of 18 years and over are eligible to participate. They have a one in nine chance of winning some prizes. See the list of participating sites here.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said those vaccinated at Madison Square Garden the day before have a chance to win tickets for Wednesday’s Knicks game. Those who are vaccinated in the arena on Thursday have a chance to win tickets for next season’s game. Winners can also get free Nyx merchandise. Gabi Acevedo reports.

Hoping to take advantage of the cool weather and Memorial Day weekend coming up, New York State is also offering two-day tickets to state parks (as well as beaches like Jones Beach on Long Island) for those getting their doses this week.

In addition to the city’s new weekly prizes, Mayor Bill de Blasio says those vaccinated at Madison Square Garden the day before have a chance to win tickets to Wednesday’s Knicks game. Those who are vaccinated in the arena on Thursday have a chance to win tickets for next season’s game. Winners can also get free Nyx merchandise.

New Jersey rolled out a raft of incentives, too, the most lucrative on Thursday in the form of a free season ticket to any public park — including Island Beach State Park — for anyone who received at least one shot by July 4.

Phil Murphy said The Garden State will lift its indoor mask mandate for vaccination entirely in accordance with CDC guidelines, reflecting recent moves made in New York and Connecticut, on Friday. A day later, he plans to allow additional flexibility for employers regarding assessment of a worker’s vaccination status.

Specifically, his executive order would allow them to allow employees who can check for vaccinations to forgo mask and social distancing rules. Murphy said Wednesday that he will also cancel a government order requiring employers to accommodate remote work arrangements and reduce the number of on-site staff to the minimum required starting June 4.

Murphy also announced that the current limit of 15 children in childcare classes has been brought back to normal regulated limits immediately. The governor’s announcement Wednesday came as the state moved close to vaccinating 50% of its population (now 46.5%). Murphy is now nearly 90% of the way toward achieving his goal of vaccinating all of New Jersey’s 4.7 million adults by June 30.

Even as vaccination rates slow across the board, recoveries for New Jersey and its neighbor across the river, the epicenter of the epidemic that has almost completely reopened for one time is moving forward.

Murphy said New Jersey schools will fully return to in-person learning in the fall, and Mayor de Blasio said the same this week regarding New York City. All public schools will return full time in September with no remote option.

“You can’t make a full recovery without full-strength schools, everybody’s back, sitting in those classrooms, kids learning again,” de Blasio said.

As of now, students will still need to wear masks and adhere to other CDC guidelines once schools reopen for all students on September 13, according to New York City counselor Misha Porter. These and other guidelines, however, are subject to change.

Daily percentage of positive tests by New York region

Governor Andrew Cuomo divides the state into 10 regions for testing purposes and tracks positivity rates to identify potential hotspots. Here’s the latest tracking data by district and for the five boroughs. For the latest statewide, statewide results, click here

The state changed its mask policy for summer camps this week, saying unvaccinated campers are being “encouraged” rather than required to wear face coverings — another sign of progress as New York’s daily positivity rate drops to its lowest level since the end of August. .

Murphy said Wednesday that he did not expect New Jersey mask rules for non-vaccinated campers to be dropped this summer, nor does he expect, at this point, to cancel mask requirements for schools due to vaccine rates for those ages.

Cuomo has pledged an updated statewide school policy for a greater return to in-person learning soon. Meanwhile, he announced separately on Wednesday that all New York sports venues could reach 100% capacity if they chose to require all attendees to be fully vaccinated. The state will help launch the first major vaccination-only event – the Tribeca Festival Finale – at Radio City’s Music Hall next month.



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