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Free EMT class hoped to ease shortage pains – Harlan Enterprise

Dan Mosley, Harlan County Executive Judge, addressed the shortage of emergency medical personnel during a recent Harlan Financial Court meeting, and is looking forward to a program offered by Southeast Kentucky Technical and Community College (SKCTC) that offers free EMT training as a possible way to add to emergency personnel available in the county.

“We’ve talked a lot in the last month about the shortage of EMTs,” Moseley said.

Mosley told the court that SKCTC will offer a tuition-free EMT class in Harlan soon.

“It’s going to start in January, two nights a week,” Moseley said. “I think the Lifeguard (ambulance service) needs drivers too, it’s an opportunity for someone to become a driver while they are in the training program. You can go ahead and go to work and still go to class two nights a week in order to become an EMT.”

The program offers free tutoring under the Kentucky Work Ready Scholarship. The four-month class is scheduled to meet on Wednesday and Friday evenings.

“The other position is, once you’re done, you start to get hours that qualify you for other opportunities to grow in that career,” Moseley said. “Tuition is free. It is covered by the Work Ready Scholarship, so if you know anyone looking for work, this is a great opportunity.”

Moseley stressed the need for EMTs in Harlan County.

David McGill, Harlan County Emergency Management Director, emphasized the need for emergency medical personnel in Harlan County.

“We definitely need EMTs and paramedics,” McGill said. “I had to make a call last night…that was one call for me. These guys do it every single day.”

Mosley agreed that more people were needed in the profession.

“It’s a life-saving component of our community,” Moseley said. “We hope these steps will help get more people involved. Free education, that’s the thing.

People talk about student loan debt; They drop out of school and have so many debts they can’t get rid of. This is a great opportunity to do something and not have any religion attached to it.”

For more information about the EMT program and the Kentucky Work-Ready Scholarship, call SKCTC’s toll-free number at 855-2Go-SKCTC or 606-589-2145.


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