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Free rapid test kids available for students grades K-12

Operation ‘Kids’ Kits’ to make 87,000 kits available to K-12 students

Governor Phil Scott announced December 29 that parents and caregivers of K-12 children in Vermont will be able to get one free rapid antigen test kit per student this week at locations around Vermont. The state encourages parents to use these tools to test children before they return to school, but testing is not a requirement for returning to school.

Families with children in kindergarten through 12th grade can have one set per child at one of the Transportation Agency’s 51 locations across the state on Thursday, December 30 or Friday, December 31. Pickup locations will be open both days from 7-10 AM and 3-6 PM The name and school of the student(s) is required to pick up exams. Students do not need to be present.

Registration is now open at healthvermont.gov/student-testing. Registration opens Wednesday, December 29th, and families can complete part-time registration to pick up their children’s (or children’s) group. Registration to capture auditions is necessary to ensure that the offer is distributed fairly across the sites.

More than 87,000 two-pack rapid antigen test kits will be distributed, to allow students to be tested twice before school starts after the winter break. Students must take these tests at least 24 hours apart, starting two days before school starts. Registration is necessary so that each site has the required number of combinations on hand. Additional test kits are being distributed through some of the community partners that serve hard-to-reach neighbours, to help ensure equitable access for all.

“I encourage families to take advantage of these rapid tests,” Governor Scott said. “Testing your child before school starts gives you peace of mind and will slow the spread of Covid-19 in our communities. It will also help protect the most vulnerable and keep schools open, so children can get the education they need and deserve.”

Health Commissioner Mark Levine, MD, also encouraged families to make sure their eligible children are vaccinated. “The virus is highly contagious, and spreads easily, especially in enclosed and enclosed spaces like schools. This is especially true of the new variant Omicron,” Dr. Levine said. “So, once again, I am asking every parent and caregiver in Vermont to please, and vaccinate your children. There is a vaccine available for children aged 5 years and over that gives them the protection they need to stay safe and healthy and helps protect the people they live with – especially those at high risk of serious outcomes if they contract the virus.”

The state continues to work to get more rapid antigen tests for widespread distribution in Vermonters. With a limited national supply, antigen testing has been prioritized for schools and long-term care facilities.

Test supplies for the Children’s Play Kits were recently purchased and are being fielded as soon as possible.

Information about children’s vaccinations is available at healthvermont.gov/KidsVaccine.

For more information about Covid-19, testing, vaccination, and how to prevent the spread of the virus, please visit healthvermont.gov/covid-19.

The testing site in Rutland and Windsor counties includes:

143 Road 30 South
165 Elm Street
1628 Road 7 B
91 Route 100 North
84 US Route 4
135 State Garage Street
12 The link route is missing.
1333 113 . Road
754 Fairmont Rd 110
511 West Woodstock Rd
266 Loeb Road.
White River Junction
226 Beswick Dr.
1640 US Route 5 North


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