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Fundraising drive earns teen recognition, scholarship – Morgan Hill Times

At 13 years old, Addie Mosher is already setting an example of how hard work and a spirit of giving can come together to create a valuable help to a sick community.

Shortly after the Covid-19 pandemic began in early 2020, local and state restrictions left many residents of Santa Clara County and beyond out of work and wondering how they would pay their bills, or even feed their families.

Among the organizations, individuals and companies that came forward to help those in need was the Roca Market in San Martin. In March 2020, the market began offering free groceries to customers who are financially struggling due to the pandemic and its repercussions.

Roca’s general manager, Dan Keith, accepted cash donations to the grocery program.

But Mosher, a student at Solorsano Middle School in Gilroy, took a step forward and created her own fundraising campaign. She started making friendship bracelets and selling them for $5 each, with all proceeds then donated to a grocery gifting effort at Roca Market.

“This little girl made over $1,000 in donations” by making and selling friendship bracelets, Keith said at an informal Mosher honor at the market last week.

Mosher has sold hundreds of friendship bracelets to raise money for her. Demand was so high that Roca set up a sales show at the store, and Addie’s mother, Jenny Mosher, helped with the production—all while the busy teen fiddled with her school and soccer schedule.

“People have been flocking here to get the bracelets,” Keith said.

Keith honored the young philanthropist on December 16 with a commemorative plaque and $1,100 scholarship, funded by other local clients in Roca.

Adi Mosher said that in normal times she would make friendship bracelets “just for fun” and to give as gifts.

“I had a lot of leads at home, and as soon as the epidemic spread and we realized that people needed help, I just started making bracelets,” she said. Some of her friends also helped make fundraising bracelets.

Pictured are some examples of friendship bracelets made by Addie Mosher to raise funds for the Roca Market Grocery Program.

This wasn’t the first time Addie had organized an effort to help her local community. In the aftermath of the 2019 Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting — which left three people dead and 17 injured — Mosher and some friends started a lemonade stand to raise money for victims.

Jenny Mosher explained that the platform, known as Lemonade For Love, generated nearly $3,000 in sales — all of which was donated to the Gilroy Foundation Victims Fund.

Addie’s mother smiled proudly as she described her daughter’s generosity. Addie said it was in her blood.

“I feel like it’s really important for everyone to be able to eat and get clothes,” Addy said. “It is important to take care of each other and help each other.

“My family has inspired me,” she added. “My mom was always helping people, and I wanted to do something to help too.”


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