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Galvanize Scholarship Rewrites the Algorithm for Diversity in Tech

Denver – (work wireGalvanize, the nation’s leading provider of software engineering training, has announced the latest group of five recipients of the We Stand Together Scholarship. The scholarship aims to improve representation and equity in the fields of technology through tuition-free enrollment in Galvanese intensive training camps.

With an investment of $1.8 million by its parent company, Stride, Inc. (NYSE: LRN), Galvanize launched its 2020 Opportunity Fund, a platform for funding full and partial scholarships at the deposit level for students who identify as Black or African-American to enroll in full-time and part-time immersive software engineering programs. Since the creation of the Opportunity Fund, Galvanize has awarded 30 scholarships to underrepresented students as part of an ongoing commitment to increasing diversity and representation in technology.

A survey conducted by mthree in 2021 found that nearly 70% of tech business leaders feel there is a lack of diversity in their workforce, and many are unsure of how to address this issue. More than half struggle to hire diverse entry-level employees — Mayo leaders reveal that they are recruiting for highly competitive positions from a narrow pool of candidates.

“Expecting that the problem of underrepresentation in the tech industry will be solved through hiring alone is short-sighted,” said Ricky Hamilton, CEO of Galvanize. Change must include improving access to education in the early stages. Our hope at the We Stand Together Scholarship is to cultivate inclusivity in technology and inspire future generations to enter this exciting and demanding career field by providing them with the tools they need to succeed.”

As part of the Opportunity Fund, the We Stand Together Scholarship provides a space for future leaders with diverse backgrounds to join the technology field. The scholarship covers the full tuition fee for students eligible to enroll in one of Galvanize’s immersive programmes, which is offered entirely online, as well as the cost of prep required prior to the start of the program.

For more information on the Galvanize’s We Stand Together Scholarship, visit www.galvanizefoundation.org/westandtogether.

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Galvanize is a leading technology education company, offering immersive Hack Reactor Software Engineering Boot Camps to drive jobs and help individuals thrive in the digital economy. In addition to its campus, Galvanize offers immersive full-time and part-time training camps for remote individuals, and customized workforce training for enterprise clients to meet each of their unique needs. With more than 10,000 alumni, Galvanize alumni have continued to bring their talents to more than 2,250 companies. Galvanize is a subsidiary of Stride, Inc. (NYSE: LRN), the premier provider of innovative, high-quality, online, and blended learning solutions, curricula, and programs for students, schools, and institutions in primary, secondary, and post-secondary settings. Learn more at www.galvanize.com.


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