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GCSFNE Scholarship Awards Will Rise to $5,000 per Student in 2022

Southboro, Massachusetts – The New England Graphic Communications Scholarship Fund recently decided to raise scholarship awards to a flat rate of $5,000 per student regardless of whether they attend a two-year or four-year program in graphic communications.

With the cost of education continuing to rise, members of the GCSFNE Committee decided to raise the awards from the previous range of $1,500 to $2,000 to the current amount of $5,000.

Ward McLaughlin, president of Boutwell, Owens & Co. Chair of the GCSFNE Scholarship Committee: “It is very important for students to know that there is a scholarship fund that will help them further their education in the field of graphic communication.” The industry needs bright young people who are interested in finding a job with us. It is no longer an industry characterized by ink under fingernails, but it needs talent and experience in areas as diverse as data management, information technology, workflow engineering, equipment operation, sales and business management.”

GCSFNE makes efforts to raise funds throughout the year to enable an increase in the number of scholarships awarded each year. Scholarships are awarded to students who attend two- and four-year accredited programs.
To review scholarship requirements, download an application or to make a tax-deductible donation to the fund, go to www.gcsfne.org.

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