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Germany Offers More Funds for Students Under Erasmus Programme

The German Education Ministry has increased the financial assistance intended for young people engaged in the Erasmus+ scheme in a bid to boost the living allowance for students pursuing their academic careers in a foreign country.

The head of the Education Ministry in the German state, Bettina Stark-Watzinger said that the new fund, which has been increased to €57 million, will enable the authority to support up to 13,700 students, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

The new fund will start to be distributed among students from the winter season, with allowances per student ranging from €490 to €600, depending on which country the students are studying in, while students with a disability or coming from a non-academic home are eligible for an extra €250 per month.

Data from the first education search platform backed by AI, Erudera.com, shows that there are 17,806 Erasmus students in Germany, with the most students being recorded in Baden Wuerttemberg (3,487) and Bavaria (3,155). The capital city, Berlin, counts about 2,016 international Erasmus students.

Furthermore, data from the same source shows that international students in Germany have reached 416,437, out of which 324,729 are foreigners while 91,708 are residents.

The countries of origin for the international students in Germany are China (40,122) followed by India (28,542), while Engineering is the main pick for students, with a total of 136,579.

The number of international students in Germany is distributed across the states as follows:

  • North Rhine-Westphalia (2,953)
  • Berlin (2,016)
  • Hesse (1,104)
  • Saxony (951)
  • Lower Saxony (858)

The number of occasional students, which includes all those that attend only one course in the country, has, however, decreased by 26 per cent compared to pre-pandemic levels, when 37,200 occasional students were recorded in the country in comparison with 27,400 registered recently .

“Russia ranks fifth with the most international students in Germany, with 10,573 students. An almost equal number of international students come from Iran (10,561) and Turkey (10,018),” data from Erudera.com shows.

Moreover, other countries serving as top source markets for international students in Germany include Italy (8,576), Cameroon (7,970), Tunisia (6,729), Ukraine (6,572), and France (6,532).

As per German students studying abroad, the total number is almost 138,000, with 20,231 of those being in Austria, which is the leading country in hosting German students in the world. The second country to follow is the Netherlands (22,439) and the United Kingdom (14,145).

The total number of German students under the Erasmus programs in other countries is 40,852, while 28,712 are enrolled in different universities, and 12,140 students are enrolled in Universities of Applied Sciences.

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