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June 8, 2021

by Cory Far

Metropolitan State University of Denver is joining Colorado in offering financial incentives to get a Covid-19 vaccine.

Today the university announced the launch of a “Rowdy Return Scholarship” vaccine fee, which will provide tuition fees for five undergraduate students from MSU in Denver who have received at least one dose of any three authorized Covid-19 vaccines.

“When we set the goal of returning fully to campus in the fall, our hope was that our students would answer the call, get vaccinated and help us reach that goal,” said Principal Janine Davidson, PhD. “Our goal is now on the horizon, and the Rowdy Return Scholarships is one way for us to reward our students for their commitment to public health.”

Eligible undergraduate students are eligible to win one of five scholarships for the cost of tuition and fees not covered by the financial aid awards for the 2021-22 academic year, up to $8,164 for the entire year ($4,082 per semester). Drawings will be carried out after August 1st.

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In addition to supporting vaccination uptake to ensure a complete and safe return to campus in the fall, the scholarship initiative can also help the university carry out its access-based mission, said Marie Soseda, associate vice president of the Enrollment Department at Michigan State University, Denver.

“The focus is on rewarding responsible actions to build a safer community of those who have been vaccinated, as well as motivating those who plan to but have not yet dealt with it,” she said.

To enter the drawing and to qualify for a scholarship if they win, students must:

  • Complete the Vaccine Verification Form, which was sent this month to all students via email, no later than August 1.
  • Receive their first vaccination by July 19, if they indicate on the verification form that they have not yet been vaccinated but intend to do so.
  • Be registered for the fall semester.
  • I have filled out a free 2021-22 Application for Federal Student Aid and/or a Colorado Application Form for State Financial Aid.

The vaccination statuses of the five winners will be verified against the state’s vaccination information database prior to award distribution.

Final scholarship amounts will vary by individual and are structured to cover the gap between financial aid awards (grants/scholarships) and the amount owed, often covered by a combination of “self-help” loans, work-study and out-of-pocket payments.

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“We see students in that tough spot of overstaying the eligibility limit for programs like Peel Scholarships but also not being able to meet the assessed financial contributions,” Soseda said. “These are the students who could benefit most from an incentive like this.”

She added, “It is always a good idea to support our pioneers financially and help them obtain their degrees and move forward all the way to their dream jobs.”

Michigan State University Denver students must complete an email vaccine verification form to qualify for the Repatriation Scholarship. For more information about the program or The safe return of the university to the campus, E-mail Vaccines msudenver.edu.


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