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Good information the key to ATAR decisions. – UQ News

As graduates of Queensland schools receive long-awaited ATAR results, many will face difficult decisions about how to rank their undergraduate preferences.

To help, the University of Queensland hosts a program ATAR Consultation Event Online On December 19, 12th grade alumni and parents can get one-on-one guidance.

In congratulating the senior students who finished Years 11 and 12 under very difficult circumstances, UQ Vice-Chancellor, Professor Deborah Terry, said it was important that they had the right information.

“It’s not the end of the world If a student does not receive an ATAR for their preferred course, but they may need to Reconsider their options through QTAC Or check out the different tracks,” Professor Terry said.

“Students are strongly encouraged to join our online forum so that they can talk to staff and current students about the many pathways in the university and in certain courses.

“Good information is the key to overcoming any initial disappointment.”

The five most popular UQ programs by number of top preferences this year are provisional medicine, law, engineering, psychological sciences and the arts.

Courses in the UQ School of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology are up 20 per cent Because of the sharp increase in demand for engineering.

Demand at UQ for allied health programs was on par with last year when first preference numbers increased while interest in the humanities and social sciences declined across the sector, mostly due to lower demand for education.

Professor Terry said that once an undergraduate student completed a year of full-time study for a bachelor’s degree, UQ would no longer use year 12 results to enroll in other programmes.

“What determines whether you will be accepted into a course in the future is basically how well you do at university,” Professor Terry said.

“Many students decide to go to UQ with a degree lower than ATAR and stay because they find that is exactly what they want, or they may move on to another degree.

“Many of our students change their courses.”

An average passing score of four on a seven-point scale gives students an entry rank equivalent to ATAR 93.00.

the Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences It is an example of a course a student might choose if they wish to study nursing but have not obtained the required ATAR.

It traditionally has a lower entry rank (81.25 in 2021) than a Bachelor of Nursing, with the cut-off in the 1980s being higher in the last few intakes.

“The Bachelor of Health Sciences can give students a good overview of the health field and many of these courses can be used for credit in other degree programmes,” Professor Terry said.

“I encourage students to join the online forum because there will be a lot of advice on how they get to university and what course they want to do.

“We look forward to welcoming them to the University of Queensland next year.”

Media: UQ Communications, Dea Clark, dea.clark@uq.edu.au, +61 (0) 7 33467086.

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