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Goss Discovery Scholarship promotes international education

Saving money is a good way to prepare for studying abroad. Setting up a Study Abroad Fund can help ease the financial difficulties associated with travel. (archive photo by Alison Evans | Collegian Media Group)

When students leave their comfort zone to study abroad, they develop problem-solving skills, gain independence and interact with a variety of people, said Joseph Milostan, Director of Education Abroad.

Milostan said the Joss Discovery Scholarship will help kick-start international education after COVID-19 by offering $5,000 to each student accepted into the Fall 2022 exchange program.

“International education is very important because it brings students to K-State and sends KSU students abroad,” Milostan said. “Therefore, we wanted to secure this scholarship in order to start the program again.”

Milostan said international education helps students develop life skills that benefit themselves and their future careers.

“When you are outside your comfort zone, you gain creative problem-solving skills because you live in a new environment with new challenges,” Milostan said. “You learn how to interact with people who are different from you. This is something employers look for.”

Gwen Davidson, a sophomore in mass communication, plans to study abroad to develop these essential skills.

“I want to study abroad so I can get out of my sheltered life in Kansas and experience other cultures,” Davidson said. “I think it will be an enriching experience for all the students because it allows you to see the world.”

Davidson said that while she was excited about studying abroad, she was still concerned about expenses. However, the news of this scholarship gave her hope, and she plans to consider it.

“I’m in a bind because I won’t be able to work while studying abroad, and this trip isn’t cheap,” Davidson said. “Any money would be amazing, but $5,000 would pay for a very big part of my trip.”

Jimmy Buck, a second-year life sciences student, agrees with Davidson.

“It has been a dream of mine to travel the world, and I think college is the best time to start, but programs can be expensive,” Buck said. “I am very interested in this scholarship, and I would like to know more about it.”

Milostan said that exchange programs may require specializations or specific prerequisites for admission. Also, the cost of attendance at each international school varies. Students are advised to review the brochure and speak to their advisors before applying.

Milostan said many students believe that study abroad options are only for those who major or major in a foreign language, but that is not the case.

“It is for all students. Most of our exchange programs abroad offer English lessons,” Milostan said. “There are many programs open to students who do not speak a language.”

He said there was also an option to go to another English-speaking country.

“There’s Ireland, England, Australia and New Zealand,” Milostan said. “Students who have been put off by the language barrier have the option of studying in another English speaking country, and still get the benefits of immersion in new cultures.”

Milostan said that a big part of studying abroad is the experience of being new somewhere and discovering new ways to have a good time.

“A lot of students say it tends to be a lot of fun. They meet a lot of people, they do a lot of travel, they do a lot of exciting things,” Milostan said. international grant.

More information about the Joss Scholarship and how to apply is available on the Education Abroad website.


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