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Governor Hochul Announces Applications Open for ‘Nurses For Our Future’ Scholarship

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals have faced a shortage of staff and a massive influx of patients. The Nurses for Our Future Scholarship Program is an important step designed to recruit and retrain nursing and healthcare professionals to serve in much-needed NYSRNs. There are currently more than 9,300 jobs for registered nurses in New York State. The scholarship will mean that an additional 1,000 students can enroll in a nursing program at either the State University of New York or the City University of New York. Students will be able to complete their programs on a flexible schedule, either part-time or full-time.

NYSNA Executive Director Pat Kane, RN. He said, Nurses have long been the backbone of our state’s health care system, a fact that has only become more apparent since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. I would like to thank Governor Hochhol’s administration for recognizing their contribution, offering this scholarship, and expanding the opportunity for current and aspiring health care workers to learn the skills they need to better serve the residents of New York State.”

Up to 500 scholarships will be offered to out-of-state licensed nurses who relocate and practice in New York State to earn a BSN, 250 to New York State-licensed nurses to obtain a BSN and 250 to New York State residents who are newly pursuing a BSN ADN.

The scholarships will cover the actual tuition fees charged by the public college or university for four full-time semesters. Awards will be prorated to recipients who attend less than full-time, and scholarships will not cover other costs of attendance, including fees, room and board, or other expenses.

This effort will motivate New York State’s active healthcare professionals to refine their career path and advance their education through the SUNY or CUNY system.

The Nurses for Our Future program operated through SUNY and NYU will recruit and retrain professionals in nursing and healthcare, with tuition fees fully covered. The New York State Department of Labor will also help market new opportunities in the health care industry to those who are currently working in the field or those who are unemployed.

In addition, the New York State Department of Labor will help market these new opportunities to current and unemployed workers, including through the SUNY Regional Education Opportunity Centers to obtain highly sought-after entry-level nurse certifications including the Certified Nursing Assistant and the Practical Nurse Licensed Nursing Home Assistant.

Entries must be completed here.

By successfully submitting the online entry form, each participant will be entered into the drawing.

For more information visit: https://www.governor.ny.gov/programs/nurses-our-future-scholarship

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