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Guerbet Provides 100 Academic Scholarships for Students

December 13, 2021 – Guerbet LLC, the US subsidiary of world-leading medical imaging company Guerbet, has announced that it will award 100 academic scholarships to the American Board of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (ABAIM) to fund participation in its AI in a Medicine Review course.

Guerbet dedicates 10% of its annual revenue to continuous innovation, expanding education as well as research and development surrounding artificial intelligence in the medical field. As a founding sponsor of ABAIM, Guerbet’s recent sponsorship will be used to develop scholarships and provide free course access to 100 students. ABAIM targets data scientists, nurses, and doctors, as well as high school and college students interested in developing the newly developed field of artificial intelligence and its applications in all areas of medicine.

“We are proud to be the founding sponsor of the American Council on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine,” said Tom McLaughlin, vice president for North America at Guerbet. “We strongly feel that technology in healthcare improves patient outcomes and provides medical professionals with additional tools and resources to further advance medicine in their respective fields. The ABAIM course is an excellent opportunity for students and clinicians to gain functional knowledge of Artificial Intelligence and its healthcare applications. “

Guerbet and ABAIM believe technology and artificial intelligence will enhance the capabilities of medical professionals and allow more time to focus on patient interaction and care. The Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Review Course is a comprehensive two-day training course designed by a team of clinical data scientists with a focus on Artificial Intelligence. The objective of the review course is to empower and educate students, clinicians, and industry executives in their quest to integrate artificial intelligence into medicine.

“We have found a great partner at Guerbet,” said Orest Boyko, Managing Director, ABAIM. “They bring a great deal of additional AI knowledge and experience to the medical field.” ABAIM President, Anthony Chang, MD added, “Their sponsorship has allowed us to provide free access to our review course to hundreds of students and medical professionals and saturate a new generation with the knowledge needed to build an AI-enabled healthcare system. We are excited to see this partnership grow.”

In addition to the review course, ABAIM also offers an educational certificate to students and healthcare professionals who meet the criteria for proficiency in medical artificial intelligence. In the future, ABAIM plans to offer board certification. Both the review cycle and the certification process are open to all stakeholders, including students.

ABAIM, in partnership with Guerbet, is eager to develop the next generation of medical professionals by engaging with high school and college students, as well as current healthcare professionals. By empowering the healthcare community with a greater understanding of AI technology, ABAIM and Guerbet hope to better harness the huge potential of AI, leading to a more effective healthcare system and better outcomes for patients everywhere.

For more information: www.guerbet-us.com


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