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Gujarat: On birthday, Paatil launches scheme to ‘make Gujarat malnourishment-free’

ADMITTING THE acute problem of malnourishment in Gujarat, state BJP chief CR Paatil launched the ‘Suposhan Abhiyan’ from Surat on Wednesday, on the occasion of his 68th birthday.

Addressing BJP leaders and workers across the state virtually from Surat city, Paatil appealed to BJP workers to adopt one child each in order to make the state malnourishment-free within three months.

“In a prosperous state like Gujarat there are 13 lakh malnourished children and 48,000 are acute malnourished. The BJP core committee in its meeting decided to cure all these children of malnourishment within a target period of three months,” Paatil said launching the state-wide campaign.

“To implement this, many industrialists in Gujarat, NGOs, and organizations have come forward and taken the responsibility of giving them nutritious food and 100 gm milk everyday,” he added.

Admitting that the problem is severe, Paatil added, “Since the number of malnourished children is huge, all BJP workers and leaders came forward. They called up Gordhan Zadaphia (state BJP vice-president) and me to convey that they too want to do something. Zadapia planned and made a list of workers to adopt one child each. I feel happy to say that BJP leaders in different cities have already come forward and adopted children.”

Several milk dairies across the state have also come forward and announced plans to provide milk to these children, said Paatil. “This shows how strong is the co-operative structure in Gujarat,” he added.

“I feel that we have delayed a bit in taking up this project but it is never too late… I believe that within three months, Gujarat will be a state where there is not a single malnourished child,” Paatil said.

In response to Paatil’s appeal, BJP workers and leaders from across the state who virtually attended this campaign declared that they will be adopting children from their respective constituencies.

Meanhwile, a group of Chartered Accountants of Surat and Standing Committee Chairman of Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) Paresh Patel launched “CR Paatil Scholarship” as part of the state BJP chief’s birthday celebrations.

As many as 108 students of classes 11 and 12 from poor financial backgrounds, who are Commerce students of SMC-run Suman School, were identified and handed out the scholarship on Wednesday at Sanjiv Kumar auditorium in Surat.

Paresh Patel said, “The education costs of these students for next five years will be borne through these scholarships. Even these students will be trained by Chartered Accountants so that they can become future CAs… The CR Paatil Scholarship is of Rs 3.75 crore.”

Apart from this, the Navsari district BJP unit had on Wednesday supplied 1400 protein-rich food to children of 500 anganwadis in the district.
Navsari BJP president Bhuralal Shah, with his team had reached to one of the anganwadis in Jalalpore taluka, where malnourished children were given protein-rich food.

“We have at present supplied stock for one week and again after one week, our team will supply for another week… There are around 1,300 malnourished children. We have fixed target of three months and we will continuously work and make our district malnourishment-free,” Bhuralal Shah told The Indian Express.

Paatil was also weighed in blood units at an event organised at Samat Patidar Samaj Wadi at Katargam by Surat Jansewa charitable trust. The main organizer of the event Kalubhai Bhimnath, who is also the BJP general secretary of Surat city, said that they collected 810 bottles of blood units to weigh Paatil in blood in front of donors and Patidar community leaders.

Bhimnath said, “In just four hours, we have collected 810 blood units from the donors at our camp… We have donated the blood units to the blood banks in Surat.”


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