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Hill-Gabbard No Shave February Raises Funds for Two Worthy Causes

The event culminates on February 18 at the Lawrenceburg and South Dearborn boys’ basketball game.

(Lawrenceburg, Indiana) – A fundraising event to honor the memory of two Lawrenceburg Tigers who lost so soon would benefit two great causes.

Resource Officer Andy Klein brought Hill-Gabbard No Shave’s idea for February to fruition. The event starts on Tuesday, January 18th and ends on Friday, February 18th.

It will simulate the No Shave November fundraising event, which is Cancer Awareness Month. Participants will not prepare for 30 days, as they are raising money for Lauren’s Fight for a Cure and the Brady Gabbard Scholarship Fund. The final fundraising total will be split between both funds.

Lauren’s Fight for Cure is designed to help spread awareness and donate the latest research through the DIPG Collaborative and provides support to young DIPG brain cancer families. The Brady Gabbard Scholarship will benefit LHS students who wish to attend college or business high school.

“I kind of thought this was going to be something different that we could make more intimate to the community as we had two guys from here who just passed out with cancer,” Klein said. “We have a number of teachers involved. They’ll come during lunch breaks and have plastic buckets. We’re going to do it every weekend, and it’s on their faces with pictures so they can vote critically.”

Hear a double interview with Andy Klein, Lisa Hill and Jennifer Gabbard in the audio player below

Students from Lawrenceburg High School are also invited to participate in the competition. Women may also participate by coloring their hair, although there have been no recipients yet.

The fundraiser culminates during the Lawrenceburg and South Dearborn Boys basketball game on Friday, February 18.

The top three contestants (the participants are listed below) will take the field in the first half, and the fans will vote for the winner.

Another way to support a fundraiser is to buy a T-shirt or donate at Hill-Gabbard No Shave February | Screen printing of the Ohio Valley | Powered by OrderMyGear (itemorder.com). The cost is $16. For every shirt purchased, $6 will be split between Lauren’s Fight for Cure and the Brady Gabbard Scholarship Fund. The last date to purchase a T-shirt is Sunday, January 23 at 11:59 PM

“Personally, I was excited to be joining the Gabbard team,” Lisa Hill said. “It is such an honor. To have two amazing players who were in high school and to have friends and our community to continue honoring them is a real blessing to our community. I am always so excited to be involved in what the community has to offer, and I know the money will be put to good use and paid to another family and/or research .”

“I am so proud and lucky to all of the community who rallied behind Brady and our family and showed their love and support,” said Jennifer Gabbard. “It’s a small town but it makes a huge impact, and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of Lawrenceburg, and to have the support of the community, schools, friends and coaches.”

No Shave February contestants have announced so far:

LHS: Neil Rollman, Bill Snyder, Jason Caudell, Ryan Knegga, Jim Stephenson

GMS: Eric Hostler, Nick Tremaine, Matt McCall, Alex Noble, Andy Klein, Ethan Hall, Brad Cutter, Mike Manford, David Shelley



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