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Hillsborough Schools Announces Four Florida Prepaid Scholarships Worth Combined $25,000

Hillsborough County Public Schools recently partnered with the Florida Prepaid College Program to announce four scholarships worth a combined $25,000.

Hillsborough County Public Schools recently partnered with the Florida Prepaid College Program to announce four scholarships worth a combined $25,000. The Superintendent Addison Davis Future of STEM Scholarship will be awarded to three students. This scholarship is a two-year Florida College Plan worth $8,000.

These scholarships are designed to new teachers to join the education workforce in areas with critical shortages. To apply for this scholarship, students must meet criteria and write a 500-word essay about why they want to become a teacher in a STEM subject.

Superintendent Addison Davis’ Preparing Students for Life Scholarship is a $1,000 Florida 529 Savings Plan awarded to a parent or guardian who attends a kindergarten registration event or begins the registration process by Saturday, April 30 for the 2022-2023 academic year. An eligible student’s name will be drawn at random.

“The Florida Prepaid College Program is a proactive way that parents can begin to prepare their learner for postsecondary education. We are so fortunate to be able to provide students an opportunity to help pay for college, which is a pathway to a lifelong career. With one scholarship aiding high school seniors and the other for one of our youngest learners, these awards truly recognize the spectrum of important work our educators take part in here in Hillsborough County Public Schools,” said Davis.

“Hillsborough County Public Schools has a laser-like focus on providing the most robust STEM programs for our students to prepare them for the careers of tomorrow. It is equally as important that we focus on cultivating STEM educators who have a passion for the subject and for teaching students a genuine love of science. This scholarship will help to support one of our future educators, who will inspire our learners to excel in STEM,” said Larry Plank, director of K-12 STEM education.

Florida Prepaid kicked off its annual open enrollment period by offering families who purchase a 529 Prepaid Plan by April 30 up to $500 in a 529 Savings Plan to be used toward additional college expenses. Open enrollment runs through April 30 and is the annual window when families can lock in future tuition costs at today’s plan prices.

Visit www.myfloridaprepaid.com for more information.

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