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Hogs set for another drama-free National Signing Day

Hogs set for another drama-free National Signing Day

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For the second year in a row, the traditional national autograph day will be a very quiet day for him Sam Bateman The Arkansas Razorbacks. Hogs did all their work early in the 2022 cycle, signing 20 new additions from their high school classes in December and then adding five more players for scholarships from the transfer gate.

The Razorbacks enter National Signature Day 24th in the state and 11th in the SEC, but there’s a chance Hogs will continue to slip outside the top 25 after all the dust has been settled. One of the things that is detrimental to Arkansas’ rankings in this course is the low number of scholarships available, which were projected throughout the previous calendar year.

What could hurt Razorbacks ranking the most is their four-star safety status Miles Rauser, who is still on the commitment list but is not expected to sign with Arkansas. We’re not sure when he’ll officially come off the commitments list at 247Sports, but he’ll definitely have a negative impact on Hogs’ 2022 scorecard when he does. For example, today’s Rowser removal could mean the Arkansas class drops to 27th nationally and thirteenth in the SEC, and there are still few teams capable of overtaking the Razorbacks depending on how the NSD performs.

For those who are curious about Rowser’s position, we still call it a non-football issue and don’t expect him to sign for any other team at the moment.

A quiet signing day isn’t necessarily bad for pigs.

For proof, look no further than Arkansas’s No. 3 National Ranking for starting the 2023 class. Without having to focus on goals remaining until the end of the 2022 final period, Bateman employees have benefited from spending the better part of the past few months focusing on their 2023 priorities. These efforts paid off in recent weeks as several wanted pigs made their way to Fayetteville for a possible three consecutive days on the hill.

The Razorbacks have had three major commitments for 2023 in the last 16 days and could add more to the fold in the next few weeks even though February is now a month long dead period.

Arkansas was also able to enter one of the best transfer classes in the country—Hogs currently ranks sixth in the nation in that category—and all five scholarship newcomers are already enrolled in this semester. We’re still expecting more transfer traffic in this off-season, although most of the action may come after most teams have completed spring training.

Here’s a look at the hiring calendar and what to expect over the next several weeks:

January. 31 – February. 28: Dead period – Instructors and recruits can still communicate by phone and messaging, but in-person visits cannot take place on or off campus. There is a common misconception that dead periods mean everything stops, but this is not the case at all. We saw no evidence of dead periods slowing down communication between coaches and recruits. Offers and commitments can still be made, but you will obviously not see any visits during this time.

March 1 – April 14: Quiet Period – Recruits can visit schools, but in-person or off-campus visits or assessments may not occur. This means that you will see recruits returning to campus for visits, but coaches still cannot walk the road to visit recruits.

April 15 – May 31: Evaluation period – Each school gets a total of 168 days. A coach can use one assessment to assess the recruit’s athletic ability and one assessment to assess the employee’s academic progress. The coaches have missed the spring assessment period for the past two years due to COVID-19, so this will be Pittman’s first time as a head coach for hogs. An evaluation period typically produces many new offerings as coaches discover new goals (and learn more about existing goals) in the career path.



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