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Hoosac Valley High Students Deliver Holiday Letters to Elementary School / iBerkshires.com

Over the course of about a month, Hoosac Valley High School students wrote letters to all 360 students in elementary school. These letters were delivered on Wednesday, the last day of school before the Eid holiday.

Adams, Massachusetts – 360 students at Husack Valley Elementary School greeted the festive cheer Wednesday when 20 students from Hussack Valley High School handed each child a handwritten holiday letter.

“We had a group of high school students reach out to us asking if they could write handwritten letters to every student from pre-kindergarten to third grade,” said Erin Pollack, principal of Husack Valley Elementary School. “They wanted to wish them well for the holidays and send some happy notes to all our students here at the school.”

School students handed out letters on Wednesday morning, the last day of school before the Eid holiday. Kylia Nosher, a high school teacher, said writing letters allowed students to put kindness in elementary school children during the holiday season.

“I think a little act of kindness can really go a long way,” she said. “I think all of these high school students, not just the seniors but all of the participants, were able to see how kindness spreads without motivation.”

Nocher said there were no prizes for writing or delivering letters. The reward, she said, was to bring happiness and holiday greetings to children in primary school.

“They’re not doing it for a pizza party or a free class,” she said. “They did it out of the kindness of their hearts.”

It took about a month for high school students to write 360 ​​characters. Natalie Pompey, one of the 20 students who delivered the letters on Wednesday, said they would write letters whenever they had the chance.

“Whenever we had free time, Kaelia would walk around, and all the teachers had copies of the newspaper,” she said. It was stated in ‘This year’s the holidays, I wish you,’ and then we drew them a little picture and a note. And then whenever we had some free time or a spare time, we’d get one, make one and then pile it up like that.”

Another high school student, Lucas Waterman, said that all the children, none of whom knew they were receiving letters that day, were thrilled.

“They loved it,” he said. “Some of their faces, you can see that made their entire birthday party. It was great to see.”

Pompey said the event brought as much holiday cheer to high school students as it did to primary school students.

“I go in and give them a letter and then make them feel comfortable just to come to you, ‘That’s my name, that’s what I have,’” she said. “This is really special, especially around the holidays.”

After high school students reached out to her about the letters, Pollack said they worked with Colin Bird, the principal of Hussack Valley High School to help organize the delivery. Pollack explained that all three district schools are trying to work closely with each other, which helped make this event possible.

“We are really trying to standardize all the schools,” she said. “And an activity like that, although small, is really powerful.”

Everyone in the elementary school, students and faculty alike, is grateful for the letters, Pollack said.

“Teachers would come to me saying how much I appreciate all of you making these cards individually and how the students interact with them,” she said. “They really felt loved and that’s just one more thing this holiday season. So you made a difference.”

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