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How Miss Rwanda is empowering young women through education | The New Times

The Miss RWANDA contest has been striving for years to empower young women as part of its ongoing effort to play an influential role for them to shine toward a bright future.

The benefits of the contest range from creating platforms for young women to the assurances that beauty queens win from the beauty contest.

Endorsements continue to get bigger after release as the competition continues to expand opportunities, not only for winners to be crowned, but also to ensure that every contestant benefits from the platform in one way or another.

To ensure a better future for young women who participate in the Miss Rwanda contest, the Miss Rwanda organization in April expanded its campaign to empower young women by ensuring access to education, among other things.

Through its current partnership with the University of Kigali, the top 20 finalists for Miss Rwanda 2021 have been offered free scholarships to study at the university.

Each of the 20 finalists were given the opportunity to study either in the undergraduate or master’s programs at the university for free until they finished their studies.

Both finalists were allowed to continue at the university on the condition that they begin their studies in any of the programs available at the university, as of the academic year this year.

However, only nine of them are currently studying at the university. These include Linda Nkosi Awankosi, Larissa Kizza Tita, Natalie Musango, Hence Tita Musana “Procurements”, Marie Paul Kairibua “Business Marketing”, Sonia Ishimoi “Economics”, Akaliza Hope “Purchasing”, Sonya Kagame Uwais “Marketing” and Esther Ingaber “Law” ‘.

Miss Rwanda has built the partnership with the university to ensure that all finalists have access to an education but 11 of them are not studying at the university, some have already been accepted by other universities, both domestic and foreign, others have failed to find their coveted studies in while others have finished Miss Rwanda 2021 Grace Ingabere and first runner-up Amanda Akaliza represented their university studies in the United States.

Hope for the future

A number of scholarship recipients could have missed an opportunity to pursue undergraduate studies mainly due to the lack of tuition fees, which for many seems to be a huge challenge.

Hanes Tita Musana graduated from her high school in 2018 but waited for a chance to go to university this year when she got a free scholarship at the University of Kigali.

She knew that Miss Rwanda was a platform that would help realize her big dream for her future, but she didn’t know that the platform would be a pathway to her university studies.

She competed for the crown for the first time in 2020 but luck was not on her side.

When I tried this year, her “soul never gives up” paid off. Her reaching the top 20 finalists led to her being awarded a free scholarship as well as other opportunities including becoming a Brand Ambassador for Bank of Kigali. She also became an entrepreneur after BK pledged a whopping $24 million to fund a beauty queen project after appearing as the “most innovative project” in a beauty contest.

Musana emphasized that Miss Rwanda was a great path to becoming what she is now, but she mentioned that she offered a free scholarship as one of the biggest opportunities she got through the competition.

I grew up with the dream of paying my tuition and making my mother proud rather than a burden to her. This is really a huge opportunity that I don’t take for granted.”

“With this scholarship, I want to make Miss Rwanda proud and the same is true for the university that accepted me. I always try to set an example for others and I don’t want to leave a bad reputation for myself and the image of Miss Rwanda.”

For Marie Paul Kairibua, studying at the university was an impossible dream for her until she was accepted to study at the University of Kigali for free.

“My brother was not able to pay my tuition fees to study at the university and at the same time take care of the family. I thank God that, through the Miss Rwanda platform, I was able to go back to school so that I can better prepare for my future,” said the 2017 high school graduate.

Parents are optimistic

On the other hand, parents were excited to see their daughters go to school thanks to the Miss Rwanda platform.

For example, Musana’s mother appreciated Miss Rwanda for creating a platform to empower young women through education, because her daughter has been struggling to get her university tuition fees since she completed high school.

“I am so happy to see her go to university thanks to Miss Rwanda. She has always told me that she wants to study at university. I am really excited to see her dreams come true,” she said.

“The money we were supposed to pay for her tuition can do a lot of other things that can benefit the family,” she added.

Meanwhile, the Miss Rwanda administration has committed to expanding its empowerment campaign among more young women and is convinced that education remains their priority on the empowerment agenda.

“Education is key to empowering girls,” Nomoiza said. new times.



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