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How students can volunteer at Citizens Advice North Herts

8:00 AM February 9, 2022

This week, (February 7-13), is Student Volunteering Week. It’s the perfect time to talk to younger people and highlight what Citizens Advice North Herts (CANH) has to offer.

Whether you have chosen your career, or are still working it out, volunteering can be a great way to gain experience. You can learn new skills, meet new people, and get a real insight into the workplace. On top of all that, it can really give a boost to your CV and help it stand out.

But it’s not all about impressing future employers.

A survey completed by NCVO (National Council for Volunteering) found that over three quarters of volunteers found volunteering to be personally rewarding and to also have a positive impact on their mental wellbeing. The satisfaction that comes with helping others and making a difference feels amazing.

At CANH, we recognise that students have loads going on and can’t always commit to longer term volunteering. We offer work experience programs to give a snapshot of the work we do and to help you pick up new skills and grow what you already have.

The programs usually run during the holidays, and we have three to choose from, depending on where your interests lie. We have opportunities in Advice Services, Reception and Office Skills or Research and Campaigns/Community Engagement.

Each option is designed to allow you to explore the service we offer through a blend of self-study relevant to your chosen programme, along with shadowing time and practical work.

You will meet other volunteers and staff, both in the office and via remote sessions. You’ll also get a real understanding of how we are adapting to become more accessible for our clients and offer a more flexible opportunity for our volunteers.

One of our recent work experience volunteers, Alistair, a university student, described his experience as “incredibly fulfilling”, and enjoyed it so much that he’s coming back to volunteer on one of our projects.

So, if you want to help your local community, gain experience for your future career, and feel great in the process, drop us an email at volunteering@nhdcab.org.uk .

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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