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How To Survive The New Semester – Dakota Student


Tips and tricks to help you succeed

Welcome back students and staff! We’ve officially completed our first week of heading back to spring.

As a final year student and classmate, I have survived my fair share of challenging classes. In my opinion, the spring seasons are always torn. Along the way, I’ve picked up many valuable tips and tricks that have helped me with my success over the past few years. Here is a series of tips that may come in handy for all of us as we progress through the classroom. These are great for first-time students, and veterans of academia, but many are just general rules for a successful semester.

  1. Be careful

Being attentive seems relatively easy. But, that means attendance for all of your classes, and attendance. When you miss lessons, you may miss important information or lectures that will help you better understand the course material. Things that are out of your control, such as illness, financial or family situations, may appear. Of course your well-being as a student and as an individual is one of the universities’ biggest concerns. Being 100% alert and present in every class is, in fact, harder than it sounds.

  1. be active

This may include taking detailed and impactful notes, if possible. Or it may include participation in class discussions, presentations, group work, and beyond. It could simply mean socializing and making connections with your classmates. This applies differently to every person and every discipline. For example, a big aspect of being active as an art student includes working on projects several hours outside of class time because that’s how you can create well-rounded work.

  1. Set your deadlines

This falls into developing better time management skills and possibly working ahead of the curve. The best thing you can do is stay on top of the assignments and try not to save things the night before the assignment is due. You may be able to do this by getting organized, as well as creating a custom schedule that suits you and your course requirements. Keeping an outline of important dates and occasionally revisiting the class syllabus can be another surefire way to keep things on top of things.

  1. Communicates

Communication is one of the biggest keys to success. Never be afraid to ask questions or ask for help. Double check or triple check, you don’t bother by asking for clarification. Your professors and advisors are there to help you along the way to the best of their abilities. Again, you may also find success in networking and working with your colleagues, or those who have taken the course before. This can be said about topics that you may have difficulty solving or may involve getting an outside opinion about your work.

  1. don’t overdo it

When starting a new semester and choosing your courses, it is important to know how much you can handle. Don’t take more credits than you know you can handle. Step yourself up and remember that it’s a good idea to take a break or slow down a bit. Everyone can take on different work loads or responsibilities. This does not mean that they are smaller or larger than everyone else. Do what you can and push yourself if you think you are capable of more. This has to do with your mental health, too.

  1. make time for yourself

If your mental health is suffering and coping with fatigue, how do you succeed? By far the most important things to focus on are your health and mental health. Set up reasonable outlets for relaxation, stress relief, or wakefulness. Making time for yourself isn’t just about your mental and emotional health, but your physical health as well. This includes exercising regularly, eating healthy, and establishing a better sleep schedule. As I mentioned before, there are also many resources a campus has to offer regarding mental health and wellness. This includes a UND counseling center that offers a variety of services from individual sessions to group settings, as well as a wellness center where you can keep fit while staying alert.

Demetria Slate is a student opinion editor in Dakota. It can be accessed at [email protected]



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