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Huge PA College Student Scholarship Program Proposed

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HARRISBURG, PA — Pennsylvania would offer $200 million in scholarships for students who attend a community college or a PA State System of Higher Education institution under a proposal by Gov. Tom Wolf.

The Nellie Bly Scholarship Program would support student tuition and other college costs with an emphasis on those pursuing programs with post-pandemic high-workforce needs including health care, education, and public service. Students participating in the program would be required to live and work in the state for the same number of years which they receive the scholarship.

Wolf wants the program funded by the federal American Rescue Plan Act and the state Race Horse Development Trust Fund as a way to stop Pennsylvania’s $71.5 billion in student debt from growing even larger.

“A good education can set a person up for a lifetime of success. But pursuing that education can often be a dream out of reach as costs skyrocket and student debt looms,” Wolf said in a statement.

“Let’s help Pennsylvania students succeed and put money back into the economy, instead of shouldering them with debt equal to a down payment on a new home.”

There was no immediate response to the proposal from leadership in the Republican-controlled state House and Senate, which would have to approve the plan.

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