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ILR Senior Chosen for Global Leadership Scholarship

Daniel James II ’22 has been selected to join the newest class of Schwarzman Scholars, a youth leadership program focused on resolving the issues of the geopolitical landscape of the twenty-first century.

Selected from over 3,600 applicants to attend Schwarzman College at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China, he will pursue a one-year master’s program in global affairs, focusing on work, economics, poverty alleviation, and rural revitalization in a global context. His collection, which was announced on December 6, began in August.

James said his aspirations to further develop his leadership skills as a Schwarzman Scholar stem from his witness to rural poverty in his hometown of Marion, South Carolina, where he worked with community partners to better analyze the causes and effects of rural poverty, and advocate for an increased audience. Participation and community participation in policy-making.

At Cornell University, James has served as president of the state ILR Students Association and will be the co-chair of the ILR’s Minority Students Organization during the spring semester.

James has also founded and hosted a public radio show that amplifies black stories. employment black voices on the hill, James hosts guests including Cornell University student leaders, influencers, entrepreneurs, trustees and members of the US Congress to discuss topics such as black student lives, activism, and social and cultural impact.

“Leadership is not about [who] James said.

In an interview last week, James said the biggest lesson he learned in leadership, policy-making and problem-solving is working with a coalition of active community members to effectively address problems in one’s community.

As a Schwarzman Schwarzman scholar, James said he intends to develop policy proposals that alleviate rural poverty in China’s affected farming communities. He said he was planning to implement a project that delved into the root causes and possible solutions to rural poverty.

James said he hopes to implement policy frameworks that not only effectively amplify China’s agricultural, social and economic development, but can also be replicated and applied to other rural communities around the world.

He also hopes to combine what he has learned as a Schwarzman scholar to continue his work as an advocate for collective action for positive change. James said he ultimately intends to implement rural poverty alleviation efforts, run for elected office and continue his work as an advocate for collective action for positive change in his hometown.

“Everyone in the community and society is a government employee,” James said. Politicians serve the relationship between all these public officials. They are taking the ideas and needs of all these public officials… and defending them.”

Kara Lombardi, Associate Dean of ILR Student Experience and Well-being, said James’ selection “reflects the increasing number of ILR students who participate in international activities and the wonderful impact they are making in the communities in which they participate.”


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