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Impact Of A Scholarship: Curtis Rountree

The network that Rountree helped establish has become greater and greater over the last few decades, and it’s a welcome sight for someone like Rountree.

No matter what career path a player takes, or regardless of where they go in the world, they will always have their Maryland lacrosse brothers having their back.

“Someone may want to go into business, become a coach, or it could be anything but the lacrosse alumni network, I think any kid today would want to go into that. We can put him in touch with somebody, guide him in the right direction, or make contact with him. It even goes beyond careers. I’m at the point in life where I’ve got friends with health issues. If someone’s in the hospital, we’ll give them a call, and it goes a long way to hear from your teammates. It’s good to hear a voice from better times.”

Recently, the Maryland men’s lacrosse team has returned to its place at the top of the lacrosse world. Tillman has gone a staggering 162-59 over his 14 seasons in College Park, with eight final four appearances and a national championship in 2017.

Rountree has grown close with Tillman and the current crop of players and loves everything he sees from the modern-day Terps.

“[Coach Tillman] has equaled and surpassed any expectation,” Rountree said. “To go to as many final fours as he has in this amount of time, this will be the time that people will always look back on as long as the best time in Maryland lacrosse.”

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