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Impact Of A Scholarship: Guilian Gary

Being a wide receiver means Gary got a lot of the limelight, none bigger than his touchdown catch with 41 seconds left to give Maryland the lead over NC State, clinching the conference title.

Gary loved all of the time he spent in College Park and is especially proud of how he set himself up for the future. Looking back, Gary is even more appreciative of what his scholarship gave to him.

“Loans and the money, those are the big wins,” Gary said. “You’re going to college for free. You’re hanging out with your boys. You’re playing on a team. You’re doing all these things, and you’re getting an education that you’re going to use for the rest of your life.”

Gary vividly recalls newly-minted head coach Ralph Friedgen coming and establishing a new culture, one founded upon key principles that included working as hard and fast as the players ever have before.

The grind of the offseason was brutal, but it was something that Gary thinks ultimately brought the team closer together.

“When we were training, you couldn’t go out to the bars,” Gary said. “You couldn’t be doing anything. We had a curfew, we had all these things to stay in line, and we made a sacrifice for each other for a bigger cause. We had no idea what the bigger cause was because we couldn’t” t picture an ACC Championship. We just wanted to go to a bowl game, and we were sacrificing with these 5:45 am winter workouts through February.”

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