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Impact Of A Scholarship: Hailey Murray

Everyone remembers their first time on campus at College Park, because the Maryland campus was designed to stand out, be different, and be remembered. Being a Washington, DC, native, Murray always knew about Maryland, but nothing compared to visiting campus for the very first time.

“I stepped on campus for the first time when I was a sophomore [in high school] and my first thought was ‘This is massive and I need to go here,’ Murray said. “I’m from the DC area so you see Terp stickers everywhere and it was super special to step on and be like ‘I can be a part of this.’ The campus is so big, the XFINITY Center is so big, and I just thought, ‘This is so cool. I get to be one of the 40,000 people that get to go here.”’”

Throughout her four years at Maryland, Murray made countless memories that she will forever cherish.

From packed volleyball games that she had the opportunity to play in, attending basketball games, going to ART ATTACK, and the excitement of homecoming were only some of her favorite Maryland festivities.

One of the most special memories is that regardless of where she went, no matter what time of day, or how many people were there, students would always be decked out in Maryland colors. The school spirit was palpable and created a greater sense of community.

“People in red everywhere, seeing the Maryland colors fill and flood campus. Just hearing people cheer together is such an exciting thing and you feel like you are a part of one unit,” Murray said.


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