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IN Teacher Asks 6th Grade Students For Marriage Advice

Since I’ve been married twice, you’d think I had a lot of wisdom to hand when it came to relationships. But, no, I don’t. Marriage is so complicated and intimate it seems like an endless emotional puzzle that I and most people are trying to figure out.

Just when you feel like you’ve got this, you wonder if you actually do it at all. It’s a great adventure to share with your best friend, but I couldn’t get past 16 before the road trip ended and I wanted to get off permanently. very funny

I’m not sure anyone would want advice from me, but I’m sure I’d like to get some advice from some of the experts.

What kind of advice do couples over 25 give?

People.com asked the couple to share their best relationship advice. This is what some have said.

Make sure that you continue to pursue interests and hobbies that make you happy. Don’t expect your partner to always make you happy. As we mature and develop, so do our needs and desires. Be willing to grow and adapt to your partner. Every couple argues, but when you do, make sure you stay focused on the issue at hand. Finally, always make time for each other with date nights. Tracy and Charles Williams, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, married for 26 yearsThe things that make a marriage strong are respect for one another, and similar core values. Also, being able to keep track of interests you can do together and other things you do individually. —Debra and David Stern, West Palm Beach, Florida, married 41 yearsOne of the best things my dad told us was having two TVs. We still say she worked with us! —Laura and George Turner, Pine Point, Maine, 47 years married

How does the advice of long-married couples stack up against the advice of a sixth-grader?

Well, the Indiana teacher wanted to know. Miss Hurt, now Mrs. Thornton, asked her students to help her and what she received was surprisingly invaluable and wise.

I asked my sixth graders for some wise words regarding a long and happy marriage. I was totally impressed by their insight. While some were more outspoken than others, my favorites are posted below.

Sixth graders in Indiana give a teacher epic marriage tips for her wedding

Who knew that sixth graders could be so wise.

I like this very much. Kids can really spell it, right?

Congratulations Claire and Cody!!!

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