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Influencer Pays Off Husband’s Student Loan Debt For Christmas

Talk about a thoughtful Christmas gift!

Social media influencer Jayla Brenna recently went viral after sharing the moment she told her husband that she had paid off her student loan debt for Christmas.

In a video posted to Instagram, Brenae’s husband can be seen unwrapping a gift from Brenae – a pair of house slippers that have the words “debt free” written on them.

Next, Brenae plays an audio recording of a conversation she had with Sallie Mae in which it was revealed that she had paid off all of her husband’s student loan debt.

It is not surprising that Brianna’s husband was very happy, emotions began to flow quickly.

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In explaining the post, Brenae explained how she and her husband dreamed of going into 2022 near being completely out of debt, and how her husband’s student loans were holding them back.

Brenae shared in the post: “My husband talked from the beginning in our relationship about his student loans like a dark cloud hovering over him and now his family.” “I’ve watched him work so hard, that he can’t work thanks to Covid, to do everything he can to give us.”

According to the influencer, after making the decision in 2019 to be a housewife mom to pursue a career in lifestyle content creation, her husband, no doubt, started working two jobs to make ends meet for support. their family.

Gayla Brenny and her husband with their two children via Instagram

“When I wanted to be a home mom (never made me feel bad about not generating income, he started working on a second job to make sure we were okay, he did everything he could to make that wish come true from my heart.”)

In an effort to reciprocate the love, loyalty, and support her husband had shown her, Brenae gifted him with paying off her student loan debt in full.

Brenae closed the post with a warm message to her significant other:

“You are a debt-free student and we are one step closer to being a debt-free family!”


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