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Inside Out: A College of Staten Island scholarship celebrates the life of a woman who loved the theater

Staten Island, New York – Thanks to the kindness of the family of the late Jennifer Straner, a scholarship has been established in her name at College of Staten Island.

Jennifer’s husband, retired New York State Supreme Court Justice Philip Straner, and children Amanda and Nicholas have committed to creating the Scholarship Fund at CSI, one of 11 four-year graduate colleges within the CUNY system, with programs in leading liberal arts and sciences and studies Professional to Bachelor’s and Associate’s degrees.

Jennifer Richter Straner, whose commitment to family and the arts has been unwavering, died at her Livingston home in June after battling metastatic breast cancer for more than a year. She was 69 years old.

A woman advanced in achievement in the class of 2009, a giant of the theatrical world on Staten Island who served as an inspiring mentor to generations of performers and a leader with a vision for whom community service was a privilege, Jennifer served as a performing arts production coordinator at CSI for 18 years.

“Because of Jennifer’s commitment to her students, Amanda and Nicholas, I felt it would be a fitting memorial for her to help deserving students earn a degree in performing arts from CSI,” Jennifer’s husband said.

Jennifer was committed to helping her students explore their interests in the arts. By creating a scholarship in her name, we can make sure her impact will be felt forever. “We think this is a fitting legacy for someone special,” he added.

Her dedication and passion for the arts have been a guiding light for others, including young people in the local theater, where she has dedicated herself to improving the lives of fellow professionals.

He added that she was the stock stage manager at an actor and could have pursued that as her career, but she most enjoyed working with the community and watching young people develop into actors and actresses and mature adults.

“We are very grateful for the outpouring of support we have already received in this effort,” Judge Straner continued. “Thanks to donations from friends and family at the time of Jennifer’s death, as well as the generous response to online birthday fundraisers organized by Amanda and family friend, Veleta Wondolofsky, we are well on our way to achieving our fundraising goal.”

To encourage people to donate, the family committed to matching the $10,000 raised.

Donations can be made through www.GiveGab.com/campaigns/jennifer-straniere-memorial-scholarship, through the College of Staten Island Foundation at www.csi.cuny.edu/giving, or by mailing a check, payable to Jennifer Straniere Memorial Scholarship , for College of Staten Island, Office of Development, 2800 Victory Boulevard, Staten Island, NY 10314.

Interesting new book

Books by Neil J. Smith, an African American author from the Bahamas, has released a new book, On The Ropes: A Tale of the ’60s, a modernized version of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table—in search of the Holy Grail—which Describes the search for self as seen through the eyes of young black fighter Percival Jones.

Author Neil J. Smith (Courtesy / the author) Advance Staten Island

The book is set during one of the most turbulent times in history, and the author finds the epic and historical novel to be a particularly appropriate story in today’s world with many stories set in New Brighton.

The story describes the life of a young black fighter, Percival Jones, whose bid to win the 1968 Olympics gold was skewed by the back-to-back deaths of Dr. Martin L. King and Senator Robert F. Kennedy, by six weeks.

Here, his life is derailed, he loses his purpose, becomes misled and drifts into the ranks of the Black Panther Party, where every ideal the Panthers were for turns into betrayal, suicide, fratricide, madness, etc.

He is eventually kicked out of the Panthers and returns to the ring where he makes his way until the title shot is within reach. But his brother’s death is revealed, threatening his freedom and prospects for winning the title.

On The Ropes: A Tale of the ’60s will follow the release of the author’s memoir, “A Goodbye to Rita and Charlie,” an account of the life-changing experiences that occur on Peter Maurin Farm, a Catholic workers’ farm in Roseville.

The book is available on amazon.com

Goodbye, Rita and Charlie. His family’s journey from the Bahamas spans from the time they left the Bahamas to encounters with fierce racism and extreme poverty that they did not know until their first stay in Florida and later in Ohio.

Smith started boxing at the age of 12 and went on to win several amateur awards over the next 12 years, including the All Army Champion. He organized several civil rights groups, the Fifth Avenue Peace Parade Committee, and finally the Black Panther Party. He then studied creative writing, literature and poetry at New York University with William Packard, author, editor, professor and founder of the prestigious New York Quarterly, where Neil served as Vice President for 15 years. He now lives in upstate New York with his wife, where he continues to write.

This festive season pop-up gift from Brothers Care in West Brighton is another smash hit

giveaway popup

Hosted by Brothers Care Inc. Latest catering/toy/supplies/pet food/housekeeping offerings in West Brighton for 2021. (Courtesy/Frank Sullivan) Advance Staten Island

Before the clock strikes 12 in 2022, Brothers Care Inc. Her latest food/toys/supplies/pet food/house cleaning supplies gifts in West Brighton for 2021.

More than 500 people gathered on Chapel Street where they were fed by Amazon, the organization that donated 13 pallets — 156 boxes — of supplies, notes Frank Sullivan, president of Brothers Care, Inc. It is reported that stock is out of stock.

giveaway popup

Little kids smile for the camera at Brother Care Inc. Latest food/toy/supply/pet food/housekeeping supplies in West Brighton for 2021 (Courtesy/Frank Sullivan) Advance Staten Island

“We would like to thank the members of the Amazon team who have helped us since day one with providing us with inventory and helping us load our U Haul trucks. Kudos to Alvin Liu, Daniel Malone, Thomas Baggot, Junior Grindley and Art German,”

giveaway popup

Little ones enjoy the latest gifts from Brothers Care, Inc. For food/toys/supplies/pet food/cleaning supplies in West Brighton for 2021. (Courtesy/Frank Sullivan)Advance Staten Island

Brothers Care Inc. logo. It is “unity in society”.

giveaway popup

Little ones enjoy lsat Brothers Care, Inc. Food/Toy/Supply/Pet Food/House Cleaning Supply Giveaway in West Brighton for 2021. (Courtesy/Frank Sullivan) Advance Staten Island

Brothers Care Inc. is a 20-year-old community-based nonprofit organization in Staten Island – 501(c)3 – that sponsors educational family events, most notably West Brighton Harmony Day, a free day that includes food, educational and recreational activities for the entire Staten Island community. They cater to the less privileged individuals, families, and elders of Staten Island in their high crime rate, low income housing, and poverty-stricken areas.

giveaway popup

Volunteers unload trucks. (Courtesy/Frank Sullivan)Advance Staten Island

Stay tuned for Brothers Care Inc.’s monthly events. For 2022 and food gifts/popup supplies that benefit the community.

January celebrations. Jan 16. 22

January. 16

Best Sunday Birthdays to Bea DeRoss, Annie DelMaestro, Michael Allocco, Lauren Seton, Annie DelMaestro from Dongan Hills, Marissa Schwab, John Crawford, Rich LaGrotta, Sherry Passante and Katlyn Nicole Rabold.

January. 17

Happy Birthday Monday to Tony Palumbo, Bob DeSantis Jr., Mary Jane Carr, Linda Maron, Cathy Mottola, Joan Mahoney, Joseph Thompson and Taylor Riccardi.

Happy Anniversary Monday to Elizabeth and Robert MacDonald.

January. 18

Tuesday’s birthday greetings to Peter Lanza, father of Senator Andrew Lanza, Megan Lanigan, Alexa Spiller, and Matthew Bono.

Happy Anniversary Tuesday, Mary and Richard O’Connor.

January. 19

Heading the list for birthdays on Wednesday is Anthony Ferreri, Gary Gotlin, former GP, Melissa Alcock, Chuck Schmidt, Joe Knorr, Frank Boczykowski, Jim Roger and John Cassidy. Cassidy, a Farrell graduate who will turn 35, and his wife Megan welcomed their first child, Merritt, on May 27.

January. 20

Best Birthday Thursday for Steve Zavarano, Alfred Rüdiger, Louis Camirier, Dominic Cataldo, Brittany Erica Dworkin, who celebrates her 25th birthday, Caitlin Petrangelo and Kathleen Kenny.

January. 21

Happy Birthday Friday to Anthony Patrick DiMaio, John M. Haas, 23, Anthony B. Di Maio, Ed Donnelly, Gloria Silverstein, Keri Schacht, Glenn Nebak, Edwin Fong, Michael Denten, Anthony Bailey Jr. and twins Anthony and Joel Perrosi.

January. 22

Birthdays are celebrated on Saturday by Mike Falco, Lisa Ferragano, Amanda Hayward, Theresa Furnari-Scott, Vincent Lukes, Vincent Mazza and twins Jared and Lindsey Baskin.

Saturday is the wedding anniversary time for Jesse and Frank Dillon who celebrate their 29th birthday, and for Edithan and Stephen Bradway.


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