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Interactive Data Dashboards – UNC System

Interactive Dashboards

UNC Dashboards are interactive reports sourced from an online database that give students, parents, policy makers, and taxpayers expanded access to detailed system data on selected core metrics.

  • Registration
    Explore registration trends across the UNC system; Learn more about who our students are and where they come from.
  • transfer students
    Examine transfer student enrollment trends, first-year performance, and graduation rates.
  • Admission of new students and performance
    Students, parents, schools, and district officials can see admissions and performance information about high school graduates pursuing degrees at all universities. This includes graduation rate information, peer comparisons, and more.
  • grades
    With over 200 academic programs across our institutions, UNC students earn degrees in a variety of important fields. Learn more about degrees awarded over the past 10 years, and sort data by degree level, field of study, and demographics.
  • teacher quality
    The Teacher Quality Dashboard serves as an interactive online tool for displaying and analyzing data that reflects our progress toward the goal of increasing the quantity and quality of public school teachers serving our state’s students.

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