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Int’l Students Make a Come Back on French Universities, Reaching Pre-Pandemic Enrolment Levels

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French higher education institutions have witnessed restoring levels of foreign students’ enrollment, with the number reaching 365,000-mark during the 2020/21 academic year.

According to data from Campus France, 25 per cent more international students have obtained study visas for higher education in France compared to the previous year, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

The recovery follows a 17 per cent drop in the number of study visas French immigration officials issued to international students in 2020. In conclusion, the overall number of visas issued to international students in France is three per cent higher than in the pre-pandemic times .

While the majority of markets have increased, China, which has always been amongst the main markets, has dropped lower on the list, indicating that not as many students from there have traveled to France to pursue their academic careers.

More specifically, the country has dropped from the second to third position, having a total of 27,950 students and accounting for eight per cent of the total.

The first and second spots go to Moroccan and Algerian international students, who represent 12 and eight per cent of the total international students, respectively. The shares account for 44,933 students from Morocco and 29,333 from Algeria, both up by 22 and 29 per cent.

The list of top ten market countries further consists of Italy (16,482), Senegal (14,566), Tunisia (13,152), Ivory Coast (10,357), Spain (9,004), Cameron (8,329) and Lebanon (8,032).

France has introduced a new scholarship program welcoming European students to choose France for master’s studies. Top areas of studies for such scholarship include culture and heritage, education and pedagogy, French language and civilisation, law and political sciences, health, environmental sciences, and computer science and digital.

While the number of students from Asia is dropping, more students from Italy, Spain, Portugal and Italy are enrolling at French universities. In addition, the number of students from the African continent also has surged.

Compared with five years ago, North Africa now has 24 per cent more students, as does the Middle East. There are 41 per cent more students from Sub-Saharan Africa and 11 per cent more students from Europe. Together, African and European students represent more than three-quarters of students in France’s education institutions.

According to Erudera.com, the number of mobile students is also on the rise, as there are more than six billion mobile students in the world for the first time, a 35 per cent surge recorded in the last five years.



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