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Iowa Poultry & Egg Scholarship Foundation announces three scholarships for 2022 | News

(Urbandale) – The Iowa Poultry and Egg Scholarship Foundation is open for applications and has a total of three scholarships this year.

Sarah Petersen, director of marketing communications for the Iowa Egg Council, spoke about the organization’s brief history on the KMA’s “Morning Show” recently. It’s a way to get students to consider a career in agriculture, Petersen says.

“The Iowa Egg and Poultry Scholarship Foundation was created in 2020 as a way to fund education and encourage young people to consider careers in the poultry and egg industry,” Petersen continued. “So, it was created in partnership by the Iowa Egg Council as well as the Iowa Poultry Association.”

Petersen also states that now is a good time to apply.

“We announced three scholarships this year for 2022. This is up from two in the previous year. One of these $1,500 scholarships will be awarded to a high school graduate student. The other two scholarships, worth $1,500, will be awarded to a returning undergraduate student. “. “So, it’s a great time, during the holiday break, to download this application, fill it out, and submit it for the scholarship money.”

Although the scholarship is focused on those interested in the egg and poultry industry, Petersen says don’t let this deter you from applying.

“We encourage all students to apply, especially if they are interested in the poultry and egg industry or any fields of study related to agriculture. We also encourage them to apply,” Petersen said. Scholarship recipients will be announced on April 1, 2022.

Applications can be obtained by emailing Kevin Stiles at kevins@iowapoultry.com. Applications will be accepted until February 20, 2022. For more information, go to IowaEggs.org or IowaPoultry.com.

You can hear the full interview with Petersen below.

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