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Ireland Ready to Include 41,000 Ukrainian Students in Its Education System

The Government of Ireland has estimated that over 41,000 new students coming from Ukraine will be able to be accommodated in the Irish education system if needed.

In a statement issued on May 3, the European Commission announced that there are now close to 25,000 seats available at the primary level for children fleeing the war in Ukraine, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

Meanwhile, education officials assert that although the school survey has not been completed yet, there is still room to accommodate between 16,000 and 18,000 students more, if necessary.

“The latest figures (as of April 25) show that 25,173 refugees have arrived in Ireland from Ukraine since the Russian invasion began on February 24. There have been approximately 2,000 new primary school registrations at this time, and secondary schools have enrolled 1,800 new pupils,” the statement reveals.

It also notes that due to the general uncertainty about the length of time that they will remain in Ireland, Ukrainian parents are delaying enrolling their children in schools.

In this regard, the Secretary-General of the High School Teachers Association, Kieran Christie, emphasized that it was also important that as many Ukrainian teachers as possible be included in the Irish education system.

In March, a Department of Education spokesman noted that the department was working closely with the Board of Education to help prioritise the registration of every Ukrainian citizen who arrives in Ireland and is a teacher.

“Language support to help children and their families with the transition into Irish schools is also planned. However, a group representing English language support teachers said that even before the arrival of new students from Ukraine, the system was already struggling to meet the needs of students whose mother tongue is not English,” the statement issued by the EU Commission reads.

According to the EU Commission, the Irish government in higher education ensures that those fleeing the war in Ukraine can study at Irish universities. At the same time, many tertiary education institutions have already taken the initiative to inform Ukrainian students about school enrollment and access conditions.

Moreover, on March 29, the Irish government announced that it would cost close to €2.5 billion to take care of 100,000 Ukrainian refugees.

In this regard, Minister of Public Expenditure Michael McGrath also added that guiding all the needs of about 10,000 refugees will cost around €400-500 million.

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